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How to Convert DBX to EML File : A Complete Solution

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Hey, are you looking for a way to convert DBX to EML files? If yes then you are on the right page. Here you will get the best and finest ways to convert DBX files to EML files by using a powerful tool.

I’ve observed that a large number of people are looking for this information. So, after much research, I have arrived at your site to resolve this issue using a professional instrument. DBX files may be readily converted to EML files using this powerful tool, which we shall demonstrate in this section.

Reasons to Convert DBX to EML

Microsoft introduced Windows Live Mail with certain sophisticated capabilities in response to customer demand, allowing users to get full utilization of the innovative email client.

However, it was unable to meet the needs of its customers and was therefore phased off of the industry within a limited period of time. Microsoft has discontinued tech assistance for Outlook Express as a result of several technical difficulties. Consequently, if customers want to move their data from DBX files to the Windows operating system, it is essential to convert the DBX files to the EML format.

How to Convert DBX to EML file

It is not possible to convert a DBX file directly into an EML file. As a result, users must seek support from the tool. As a result, in this paragraph, we will demonstrate the most powerful tool for converting DBX files to EML files.

Professional Software

Syskare DBX file converter is one of the best and most preferred software to convert DBX files. This tool may easily convert and import DBX files into file formats and other applications. This tool easily extracts several DBX files in bulk. Also, this software has a user-friendly interface for non-technical people.

Capabilities of the Software

  • Users may select files or folders to convert in bulk without having to go through any difficulty.
  • Multiple file naming option: – with this filter users can arrange their converted data according to them via subject, from, date, and other things.
  • You may easily convert the DBX file with an attachment.
  • This software transforms DBX files without making any modifications to them and keeps the file structure intact.
  • In addition, this utility is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers.
  • Additionally, this tool provides you with a trial version.

How to use this Tool

  1. Download the software by clicking the download button and press on the Next icon.

    Download the tool

  2. Now to select an option between the “Select Files” or “Select Folder” option.

    select option between the select files or select folder

  3. Choose the files or folders and click on the open icon.

    choose the files or folders and click on open icon

  4. After selecting files click on the Next icon.

    selecting files click on Next icon

  5. Now verify the files or folders you choose.

    verify the files or folders you choose

  6. Now press on “Select Saving Option“.

    select saving option

  7. And choose EML from the drop-down list.

    choose eml from the drop down list

  8. Choose the location where you want to save the file.

    location where you want to save file

  9. If you want to convert specific data so click on the file naming option.

    specify data so click on file naming option

  10. And click on the Next button.

    click on next button

  11. After the complete procedure, you will get the message.

    complete procedure you will get the message

Important Note: If you want to convert DBX to EML online or via a web browser, you should avoid doing so. The fact that you have no way of knowing who is abusing your data online is harmful to you since you have no way of knowing what they are doing. Take no chances, therefore.


In conclusion, we have covered how to convert a DBX file into an EML file in this section. As we previously said, there is no free or manual way for converting DBX to EML; thus, we explain one of the best and greatest tools available for the task. As a result, click on the download button to get the software.

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