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How to Download Gmail Messages to Hard Drive Locally?

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The tutorial here explains various methods to download Gmail messages to a hard drive locally for security or other reasons. Here we will show you completely free and best methods to archive Gmail emails to hard drive using a manual and professional solution with attachments and complete data.

Important Note: As we all know, Gmail less secure app not supported by Google. So, nobody can access the Gmail account in any third-party tool. So first follow these mentioned steps to do any method.

app password

Manual Methods to Archive Gmail Emails to Hard Drive

Here we will show you 2 manual methods to archive Gmail data to hard drive using google takeout and outlook email client. Before start, the process read all the drawbacks and limitations. Follow all the steps carefully.

Method 1: Save as PDF Format

  1. Simply open a Gmail account.
  2. And then, open the required email that you want to save to your hard drive.
  3. Now, hit on the “Print” icon and a new window will appear and select “save as PDF”.

    save as PDF

  4. Next, browse the saving location to download Gmail messages to hard drive.

Method 2: Download Gmail Messages to Hard Drive Using Google Takeout

  1. Open the “My Account” page and log into your account, if you’re not.
  2. And then, select the “Data & Privacy” option from the list.

    Data & Privacy

  3. After that, scroll down and choose the “Download your data” option.

    Download your data

  4. Next, choose the “Deselect All” button and now select the required data from the list.

    deselect all

  5. Apply the filters as per your needs and hit the “Create Export” option.

    Create Export

Now the process will start, it will take 10 to 20 days to complete. And the data will save in MBOX format. To access this data in the future, you have to use MBOX-supported email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, etc.

Method 2: Using Outlook Email Client

  1. Open Outlook email service.
  2. And hit the “File” tab and choose the “Add Account” option.

    add account

  3. After that, enter the login details of your Gmail account like your email address and the app password.

    login details of Gmail account

  4. And add the server details and hit the “Finish” icon to download Gmail messages to hard drive.

Now both accounts will be connected successfully. Now users can easily export complete Gmail data from Outlook in PST format to archive Gmail emails to hard drive.

The Outlook email client must be installed on your system. The process will be taking some time, as you can see manual methods always have some limitations and drawbacks. To avoid all types of limitations, you should use professional solutions, that are mentioned below:

Direct Solution to Download Gmail Messages to Hard Drive

The Syskare Gmail backup software can be used to archive Gmail messages to hard drive. You can try a demo version for free, but the demo version only allows you to convert a limited number of Gmail messages.

The software is capable of downloading all of your emails from any Gmail folder, including the default Gmail folders: Inbox, Important, Sent Mail, Starred, Bin, and Drafts, as well as any labels that have been created by the user and also archive Gmail messages to a Hard Drive, Computer, PC, Desktop, or USB, Drive Using a Simple Program.

Before the start process, just click on the “Download” button to install or download the utility

How to Use the Software to Save Messages from Gmail?

  1. Start the software on Windows OS.

    software to archive gmail emails to hard drive

  2. Input your Gmail account information like email address and app password.

    Gmail account information

  3. Next, select the desired email folders.

    select the desired email

  4. Then choose the desired file saving option.

    saving option

  5. Lastly, hit the “Backup” icon to start the saving process.

    saving process

  6. The Gmail account process is finished in minutes.

    download Gmail messages to hard drive process is finished


In conclusion, all of the above methods to download Gmail messages to hard drive; however, three manual methods are difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, if you have a lot of time and are willing to take risks, manual methods can be used; additionally, there is professional and excellent software; with this wizard, you can easily archive Gmail messages to hard drive in a matter of minutes.

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