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Learn to Extract MSG from PST File – Effortless Solution

Debasmita ~ Published: 05-Jan-2022 ~ PST Management ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Undoubtedly, MS Outlook is the most widely used email service in businesses and organizations. As we all know, Outlook has many advanced features, which give it a score over other email clients. All the data items in Outlook, like calendars, emails, folders, attachments, tasks, and contacts, are stored in the PST format. That’s why most people search for extract MSG from PST file. MSG is also a file format used in Outlook, but this one contains a single email with its attachments. The MSG format can be created by simply following the drag-and-drop method from within Outlook email.

The main reason why users prefer to perform Outlook to MSG conversion is that it is a simple file format that can be opened and read in any text editor. Here we come to the advantages of the MSG format and why it becomes necessary for users to extract MSG from PST files.

Reasons for Users to Export PST File to MSG

There are various reasons why users would prefer to export Outlook emails to MSG files, some of which are enlisted below:

  • The emails in MSG format are easily manageable unlike the emails in PST format
  • Access to the Outlook email data is easier when in MSG format
  • MSG files are of utmost importance when it is to be used for forensics
  • The chances of corruption are less when the files are in MSG format
  • Sharing and viewing of the files in MSG format are easy
  • PST files are large in size hence, access to the desired message becomes somewhat difficult than to access in MSG format

PST File Prerequisites to Perform Extraction Process

There are some prerequisites that have to be performed before you start with the manual method, which is described as follows:

  • The main requirement is of course, that you have to take data backup, the reason being that if there is any inconsistency in-between the process then you are not trapped with the data loss scenario.
  • You will have to create a new folder on the desktop to store the files in MSG format.

Here below are the steps to export Outlook Mail to MSG – Manually

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select the Inbox folder which contains the entire incoming messages.
  • Select the desired message which has to be converted to MSG format.
  • Drag and drop that file in the newly created folder on the desktop.
  • Repeat these steps for each of the emails to extract MSG from PST file.
  • Once done right-click on the folder and click on Send to -> Compressed (Zipped) folder.
  • The folder gets compressed. Now compose a new email and attach that zipped folder as an attachment and send it.
  • Now you will receive a manually created PST file.

Manual Process Comes with a Set of Limitations

As noticed above, the manual conversion to extract MSG from PST files is a time-consuming affair because all the emails cannot be converted in one go. Each individual email has to be dragged and dropped to create its MSG format. This is indeed a tedious affair, and the user feels the need to have an easy tool in hand. Also, when there is a bulk of files to be converted, it becomes a real problem. These difficulties can be mitigated by the use of an efficient third-party tool that offers users reliable solutions.

Third-Party Tool to Extract MSG from PST File

The professional third-party utility is recommended by technical experts as the go-in solution to export Outlook messages to MSG files. Download SysKare PST File Converter Tool. This user-friendly tool export PST files to MSG format with the attachments instantly, and in the process, the data integrity is also maintained. The tool offers several advanced features and is the best among the available professional tools on the market. This tool easily converts export MSG from PST, supports various versions of Outlook, and provides many other excellent features that make the PST to MSG conversion process a smooth one.

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Ending Notes

This blog deals with all the reasons for extracting MSG from PST file. The manual method is also discussed in this blog. It performs the conversion task but also has some drawbacks associated with it. Hence, the use of an effective automated tool is recommended to the user so that he/she can perform this conversion task in a very hassle-free manner and even maintain data integrity all the while.

By Debasmita

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