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How to Migrate EML File to Entourage Mail Along With Complete Data

Debasmita ~ Modified: 20-Dec-2021 ~ EML File Management ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Beginning: This informative blog post explains the complete solution regarding Import EML to Entourage. If you are also facing issues in performing this task then, stop your searching.

This blog post explains the best solution for both technical and non – technical users. So, read the complete blog and stay tuned with us.

This Blog Contains

  1. Introduction
  2. User Queries
  3. Automated Solution
  4. Working Procedure
  5. Prominent Features
  6. Import Converted Files to Entourage
  7. Winding Up

Let’s have a look at some user’s queries for a better understanding

User Query 1: Hi! I am Austin, working as an Administrator. Earlier I was using the system with Windows OS but now I have switched to Mac OS. So, now I am searching solution for Import EML to Entourage Mail. But the issue is I don’t have any idea regarding the completion of this process. So, I am looking for a way to perform the migration process. Can anyone please help me out in performing this task? If yes then, suggest the best solution. Thanks in advance.

Austin, Hong Kong

User Query 2: Hi! I work in an IT organization. Recently I have changed my company and created a new account in Entourage Mail. But my old data are kept in EML format and they are important. Can anyone please tell me how to import EML to Entourage account? Even after many tries, I was unable to find the solution to this issue. Kindly help me and suggest a solution for this issue.
Alena, New York City

Easy Solution for Import EML to Entourage Mail – Technical Approach

EML to Entourage Migrator is one of the best tools to perform this import process. EML Converter Tool provides easiness for the users to maintain mailbox format & structure as well. This utility is easy to understand and any user can operate the tool without even having any kind of professional knowledge.

Download Now

Also, there is no need to learn any technical skills to operate the software. This tool can import bulk EML files in a single go by saving a lot of time and effort. Also, users can also migrate selected EML files by using this software.

How to Migrate EML to Entourage Mail – Working Procedure

Users have to follow some simple steps for performing this task without any hassle:

  1. First, users have to download, install and run EML Converter Application on your Windows Operating System.

    install eml to apple mail converter

  2. After that, select one option from the Select files or the Select folder option for uploading the EML files.

    choose eml files or folders

  3. Now, choose to click on the MBOX file as a saving option from the given drop list and then proceed further.

    choose mbox file saving option

  4. Thereafter, the user can browse the destination path for saving the final output data.

    browse destination path

  5. Then, click on the convert button to start the following conversion procedure.

    migration process begins

  6. After completion of the task, the user can go to the destination path to check the final output data.

    see eml to apple mail output data

Some Fascinating Features of this Application

This software has some amazing features which make the user’s task easier. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Through this software, users can convert easily along with inserted attachments.
  • No file size limitation is involved in this software.
  • Users can easily manage EML files with the help of this program.
  • Users can import EML files in bulk in one go. It will save a lot of time of users.
  • Selective import of EML files is also possible with the help of this application.
  • The tool will complete this process without taking much time.

Now the User Will Have to Import Converted Data into Entourage

Users have to follow the below-mentioned simple steps to Migrate EML files in Entourage.

  1. First, copy the converted MBOX files from Windows into a Mac machine by using an external hard drive or pen drive.
  2. Now, open Microsoft Entourage
  3. Then, the user can import EML files in Entourageby using two ways:
    • Firstly, Go to the File option; ImportContacts or Messages from a text file ; Import messages from an MBOX.
    • Or, simply drag and drop MBOX files to the Entourage Folder Window.
  4. Importing an MBOX file into Entourage changes the received time to the time user drags the MBOX in Entourage. It only keeps the sent time unchanged as how it was in the MBOX file.

This is how users will be able to complete the task of Migrate EML to Entourage Mail. Some users look for manual procedures. But as such, there is no solution available for users for completion of this task. Also, it contains some limitations as well which is not good for the users.

So, it is best for the users to use professional solutions for accomplishing this task.

Winding Up

The above post describes a solution for Import EML to Entourage. Multiple users were facing issues in solving this task. For avoiding issues that were faced by users while using manual techniques, it is best to use a professional solution for performing the task.

The automated solution has been explained here in brief. Users will not face any issue in completing the task if they go with the solution mentioned – above. As EML file is supported by multiple email applications, so there are some users who look for migrating EML files to Entourage mail. We hope after reading this post users will not leave with any doubt    

By Debasmita

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