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How Do I Import Maildir Files into Office 365 Account?

Selena ~ Modified: 04-Oct-2021 ~ Email Management, Outlook Management ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you don’t know how to import emails from Maildir or Maildir++ into Office 365?

In this blog, we provide you a complete solution to access your emails from Maildir to Office 365.

In the modern era, everybody is currently migrating their accounts to the cloud. When a user moves their office 365 account to Outlook Web Access, they will benefit from a variety of features. As a result, users face many problems when transferring their email data to office 365.

A common method of keeping email messages is the Maildir email format, in which each message is saved in a specific folder with a unique reference name, every file is a database.

Users Query

“I have around 4000 emails that have been saves in the Maildir account, I would like to transfer the Maildir files to my Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based account without losing any details or time. Is that even possible?”

Why do users want to Import Maildir into Office 365?

When users choose to import Maildir email messages into their Office 365 cloud account, Microsoft provides several benefits.

  • Online work: Microsoft Office web apps are developed online without the need to download any additional software or documents files.
  • No Loss of data: Microsoft provides reliable data protection and backup options. All information to Microsoft users is completely safe and secure to use.
  • Saves the Server cost and Repair: they allow to connect with the on-premise application. Maintaining and operating local servers is no longer necessary.
  • No additional cost for more storage: The most recent versions of Office 365 can be used without paying any fees by the user. Aside from that, it offers a service with a large storage space of 50 GB.

Automatic way to Import Maildir to Office 365

Syskare Maildir converter is the perfect converter in the market. With this software, you can easily migrate Maildir emails to Office 365. This Software provides you a free demo version, especially for users. They check the software features then purchase it. The Free version allows to converting 25 Maildir emails to Office 365.

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Import Maildir to O365 – Step-by-step

  • Firstly, install the Software and select any one option from Select Files/Select Folders and click the Next button.

    select file to convert Maildir to Office 365

  • Secondly, Select Maildir files that you want to export from the Software panel and hit on the Next button.

    select Maildir file

  • Select Filter option(Data range,From, To), use advance setting to manage your file.

    select filter option

  • Choose Office 365 file option from the several file option.

    select saving file option to import maildir to office 365

  • Then, enter your office 365 account details, you can also change the language as you need.

    change lanuage to import Maildir to office 365

  • Click on theI am Admin option, after that check on theExport to Primary Mailbox option

    click admin option to convert Maildir to Office 365

  • Finally, Conversion from Maildir to Office 365 is complete.

    conversion complete Maildir to Office 365

  • After that, check the Imported Maildir files to Office 365 by logging into your O365 account.

    check resulted O365 file

  • In addition, the tool automatically generates a log report, which contains detailed information about the imported data, including the saving type, destination folder, status, and so on.

Features of the Tool

  • This software provides you to convert Batch Maildir or Maildir++ files at once.
  • It allows saving Maildir files into various file formats such as PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, etc.
  • Because of its user-friendly nature, it is simple to use even for non-technical users.
  • This Software support many different email client such as Gmail, Office 365, Zoho Mail, etc.
  • There is no size limitation of any type of file to convert Maildir to O365.
  • Import data from cur, tem, and new subfolders as well as attachments and other files without any changes.


Yes, with this tool you can export all attachments with their emails.

Yes, the tool can import Maildir files to multiple Office 365 accounts.
Yes, The Internet connection is required to convert Maildir to Office 365.


In conclusion here we discusses above professional technique to move Maildir emails into Office 365. This software allows to convert bulk Maildir emails to Office 365 without any trouble. It is a quick and easy way to import your data into Office 365.Everyone can understand the software’s process, technical or non-technical users.

By Selena

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