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How to Import OST into Thunderbird without Outlook?

Kylen ~ Modified: 23-Nov-2021 ~ OST Management, Outlook Management ~ 5 Minutes Reading

As we know Outlook is a very popular email client. Because it comes with advanced features. And the number of users it has is huge. But still, some users want to import OST into Thunderbird without Outlook.

So, I am here to overcome your issues with the easiest and simplest techniques. Yes, after a lot of searches, I am coming with the finest solution which can easily import OST into thunderbird.

So, let’s get the start, but wait, let’s have a take some knowledge about the OST file and Thunderbird

Outlook OST File

Microsoft Outlook uses the OST file extension to refer to an offline folder file. Offline folders allow users to work while not connected to the Exchange server and then synchronize their modifications with the server when they reconnect. It is advantageous to be able to work offline when working in areas with restricted or unreliable connectivity.


Thunderbird is a free, accessible, cross-platform app for maintaining email, news feeds, chat, and newsgroups. Also, it’s available for download from the Mozilla Foundation. It is an email application that runs locally (rather than in a browser or on the web) and is both powerful and simple to use.

I have a question in my mind that why do people want to import OST in thunderbird, it will also be in your mind, let’s see the reasons.

Why Users Want to Import Outlook OST Files into Thunderbird

The major factor is Thunderbird’s low cost to import OST into Thunderbird. It allows users to maintain their emails, contacts, calendar, and other conveniences for free. Below are some other reasons why users convert OST to Thunderbird.

  1. User interface that is straightforward and uncomplicated.
  2. Channel chat functionality that is built-in.
  3. Capable of storing enormous amounts of mailbox data without experiencing any performance issues.
  4. Configuration of an email account.

Thunderbird has numerous features that make it unique among email applications. Organizations still advocate Outlook because of security concerns.

Pro-Solution to Transfer OST File into Thunderbird

One of the most trustable and preferred software to import OST into Thunderbird without outlook is OST File Converter. Yes, you heard it right, this software may direct import your OST files into Mozilla Thunderbird by using its sophisticated and advanced features.

Let’s take a look at the software’s features

Capabilities of OST to Thunderbird Importer

  • This software allows you to import selective OST files according to your needs.
  • Outlook provides 3 stages of OST encryption: no, compressible, and high. Encoded OST files can be converted to other file types. So, if users need to transfer secured OST files, use this amazing converter.
  • A built-in feature of this software enables guys to scan corrupted OST files and save them in a clean format. One’s OST file can be repaired using this tool.
  • Also, this tool has a pro feature, this software can convert any kind of OST file into thunderbird.
  • Users can import large OST files in size into thunderbird and also this tool allows users to import multiple OST files into thunderbird.

Let’s go ahead and see how this software works to import OST into Thunderbird…

How Does This Software Work?

  1. Firstly, download and install the software on your device.

    download and install the software

  2. Now if your outlook is configured with the same machine then select the “Convert Configured Outlook Mailbox Data” option.

    outlook is configured

  3. And if you want to select a single OST and folder of OST files manually then choose the “Select Files” or “Select Folders” option.

    select single OST and folder of OST files

  4. And select “Use Recovery Mode” for corrupted OST files and click on the Next icon.

    select “use recovery mode” for corrupted OST

  5. Now all the data will appear on the screen, check the file box that you want to import and click on Next.

    data will appear on the screen

  6. Click on the filter tab option for “File Naming Option” to manage the converted data.

    filter tab option for File Naming Option

  7. And press on “Select Saving Option” and choose Thunderbird from the drop-down list.

    press on “select saving option”

  8. Now browse the location where you want to save the file or if you want to import direct ost file into thunderbird then don’t change the destination.

    press on “select saving option”

  9. Lastly click on the Next icon, to start the procedure to import OST into Thunderbird without Outlook.

    click on the next icon, to start the procedure

  10. In the end, you will get a confirmation message.

    location will be open automatically

Manual Method

I know a lot of folks who are looking for manual ways to import OST to Thunderbird. In addition, folks who are reading this post will be hunting for manual ways because their eyes will be drawn to them. However, did you realize that manual procedures offer several disadvantages?

On the internet, you will find more than 1000 articles on how to import OST into Mozilla Thunderbird. However, you are unaware of the disadvantages. With manual techniques, there is the possibility of data loss, and users are unable to import numerous OST files at the same time, among other restrictions. As a result, please avoid manual conversion methods and instead rely on software for correct and legal conversions.

Time to Say Goodbye

Everything about how to import OST into thunderbird with the help of professional software was covered in the section above. and discusses some of the disadvantages of employing manual methods. I hope this helps you realize why you shouldn’t rely on manual methods. One more thing I’d like to share with you is that relying on manual methods all of the time is not legal. Yes, this is unlawful work. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. go ahead and download the software.

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