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How to import Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Account?

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Get the best solution to import Zoho mail to Thunderbird

In today’s world, email clients are the most popular and significant method of exchanging information. The functionality supplied by email clients makes it possible for the user to send data quickly and easily. Two email service providers fit this description: Zoho Mail and Thunderbird. Zoho Mail is a web-based online office suite that offers its users a variety of unique features such as email communication, document collaboration, and other similar functions.

I noticed that many users are searching for this query to export Zoho mail data and import it into the Thunderbird account.so To overcome these problems I am here with the best and finest solution which cannot import into Thunderbird but also import Zoho mail into multiple types of file formats.

User Query

“Hello, I’m Advil from the United Kingdom. I have around 5000 emails and approximately 10 folders in Zoho mail, and I would want to migrate to Thunderbird. Please offer a technique to import Zoho mail to Thunderbird, since manual solutions take a long time, such as 2 to 3 days, to sync.”


“I am Kelly, and I am looking for a way to export all of my data from Zoho mail since this email client is having some troubles, and I want to transfer all of my Zoho mail data into Thunderbird instead of using another email client.”


How to Export Data from Zoho Mail and Import into Thunderbird

Syskare Zoho mail backup software most trustable, certified, and virus-free software to import Zoho mail to Thunderbird. This software was designed to migrate Zoho mail with multiple applications.

Features of this Software

  • This software is capable to convert Zoho mail data to multiple file formats such as PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, TXT, MSG, Windows live mail, Gmail, office 365, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and other file formats.
  • This software has the capability of selecting certain data from Zoho mail with attachments.
  • To produce preserved Zoho email files that retain the same folder structure as the earlier ones, the Zoho email backup tool makes use of complex algorithms.
  • The file naming option is the tool’s finest. It allows users to maintain emails and other data via date, too, and from Thunderbird.
  • This software is suitable with all Thunderbird versions and Microsoft versions.
  • This software can import huge data of Zoho mail at one time and convert it to other file formats.

How does the software work to import Zoho mail to Thunderbird?


  • Enable IMAP – click on gear icon>>all tab>>IMAP access>>enable IMAP and save changes.
  • Generate password- click on profile >>my account>>security>>app passcode>> click on generate icon.
  1. Download and install the utility on your system.
  2. And enter the account and password which you generated before.
  3. And click on the login icon.
  4. Now all your Zoho mail accounts data will appear on the software panel, select the data which you want to import.
  5. And click on “select saving option” and choose Thunderbird from the drop-down list.
  6. If you want to import data in another language then enable “change language” and choose the language according to your need.
  7. Now browse the destination path and click on the “backup” icon.

After the procedure is complete, you will get a Thunderbird file without any extension at the chosen location.

  1. Now open Thunderbird.
  2. Right-click on the left panel
  3. And choose “importexporttoolsNG”>> import MBOX.
  4. Now browse the location and select the file and click on import.

Now import Zoho mail to Thunderbird procedure is completed

As you can see, it is really simple. But many people demand manual ways to import Zoho mail to Thunderbird. Many manual approaches are available online, however, they are not expert-verified. Manual procedures risk data loss. If you still wish to employ manual methods, use them for data. Use our Zoho mail to Thunderbird software for large data.


Yes, you can export selected data from Zoho Mail to Thunderbird
Yes, this software is compatible with every type of windows OS.
Yes, this software supports multiple file types.

Final Words

Finally, above we mentioned the procedure of importing Zoho mail to Thunderbird by using the best and powerful software. As you can see there are no restrictions with this software. To see this tool that how does this software works. Download and install the software and import limited data with the trial version.

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