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How to Migrate Zimbra Mail to Office 365 With Complete Steps

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Do you have concerns about your Zimbra mail and want to migrate it to MS Office 365 or migrate Zimbra to Office 365?

Then, Don’t panic! This Blog will guide you step-by-step to Migrate Zimbra Mail to Office 365. Stay with us till the end.

Zimbra is a powerful and widely used email server. Over the years many users also switched to O365 as it is getting better with each update and can fulfill the importance of getting an email system. Apart from the fact that Zimbra is an excellent email communication tool, some organizations may find it too simple for their needs.

As a result, in this section, we will walk you through the main phases involved in migrating Zimbra to O365 cloud. Continue reading to gain a careful understanding of how to migrate Zimbra to office 365 and perform a Zimbra mail server migration to an Office 365 account by using the safe and secure approach.

A Working Knowledge of Zimbra and Office 365

Zimbra is an email application that is fast, flexible, suitable, and user-friendly. It includes features for tasks, managing contacts, notes, and other items, as well as other emailing features. And this software can easily migrate the Zimbra calendar to office 365 with all attachments. The open-source Zimbra web email application focuses primarily on community-based integration with other apps and services, making it easier for small businesses to get up and running.

Office 365

Office 365 has more applications, and the fact that it is cloud-based provides a significant advantage for businesses. Securely storing and backing up all of your important data can be made easier with this tool. Your employees will be more productive if they have the option of working on the same document at the same time, regardless of where they are located.

Reasons – Why do Users Migrate Zimbra to Office 365?

It is essential to have effective data management to take your company to new heights. Several factors contribute to the client’s strong desire to  Zimbra to Office 365 migration.

  • Office 365 (now known as Microsoft 365) is without a doubt the best email service available. Users can take advantage of a wide variety of important features.
  • All are aware of the advantages of using a cloud-based suite, and Office 365 is one of the most popular email systems available on the market. That is why the main reasons for users to migrate Zimbra to Office 365.
  • O365 provides a vast array of security features that are unmatched by any other email service, and it also provides a reliable user experience across all platforms, whether users are allowed to obtain emails, address books, notes, documents, or anything else.
  • Office 365 is a popular platform that is trusted by Microsoft Inc. It offers encryption of valuable data at rest as well as HTTPS for all pages and platforms. Users can store their data information in both online and offline storage, depending on their needs.

Perfect Solution – Zimbra Mail to Office 365 Migration

Syskare Zimbra file converter is the strongest solution for migrating Zimbra mail to other platforms, and it is available for free download. This software can transfer data from Zimbra mail to a wide range of other file formats in a short period. Despite your requirements, this solution will comply with them.

Features of the Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Using this tool, users can export specific data according to their requirements or preferences.
  • It has the capability of migrating all data from Zimbra mail to Office 365 with Attachments.
  • This software allows you to easily export .tgz files into a variety of different file formats, including PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, vCard, and other popular formats.
  • Users can migrate all emails by using the Zimbra to Office 365 converter without worrying about any file size limitation.
  • It allows users to see all of the data in the Zimbra database, including headers, hexadecimal values, and raw message content, in one convenient location.
  • Users can easily export a large number of files at once from Zimbra mail to O365 migration without any difficulty.

Migrate Zimbra to Office 365 – Simple Steps

  1. Firstly, Download and install the Software on your computer. Download Now
  2. Secondly, select the “Migrate On-Premise Zimbra Server Mailbox option” to migrate Zimbra TGZ to Office 365.select on premise
  3. Thirdly, choose a file from the Add File option.select file migrate to office 365
  4. After loading the files, select the emails that you want to migrate into the O365 account.select email
  5. After that, choose Office 365 option from the multiple file format.select file format to save Zimbra mail to office 365
  6. You can also change the language as convenient.select language Zimbra to O365
  7. Select the “I am Admin option” to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 procedure.check i am admin
  8. Then, enter your Email address and password and hit the next button.enter O365 account details
  9. You have received the confirmation message.successfully migrate Zimbra to O365
  10. After the conversion, go and check the migrated Zimbra to the O365 on-premises file on the location.check Migrated office 365 file


Yes, you can migrate directly to Office 365 account.
Yes, this software provider export contacts and calendars with attachments. All the data is exported in its original form.
Yes, you can easily convert your Zimbra file to any version. This software support Windows all version.


In conclusion, we discussed how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 by using a professional method. With the help of this tool, you can easily move all emails, calendars, contacts, etc. from Zimbra to MS O365. Also, the Zimbra to Office 365 migration tool is available in a demo version that allows users to test the software before purchasing it. You can be completely satisfied with the Demo version before purchasing the paid version.

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