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How to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail : Perfect Solution

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Are you searching for how to migrate Zimbra to Gmail? If you answered yes, then here is the most effective and unique method to import Zimbra mail to Gmail by using a professional solution.

Gmail, as we all know, is a highly popular and widely used cloud-based email client that is used all over the globe. Gmail is used by a large number of people. In addition to sending and receiving emails, it was also used for storing data like notes, email messages, a calendar, contacts, diaries, tasks, and other items. Gmail is created by the g suite, which offers the most advanced functionality.

A large number of people are dissatisfied with their existing email clients. As a result, they want to export their data to Gmail. One such question is “How to migrate Zimbra to Gmail?” The following tutorial will show you how to export your data from Zimbra mail to Gmail in the most efficient manner.

Reasons to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail

There are several reasons to import Zimbra to Gmail. here are some issues with users in Zimbra mail mentioned below:

“Administrative portal does not give account information. Demands a command prompt. Updates are tough since they must be done safely or the site will be shut down. Internal DNS configuration is done through the command line. These will be available through the online interface. The graphical management interface can see messages coming in or going out, but not quickly – Mucky from the UK”

“It was difficult to modify the setup, and I lost data whenever I wanted to move to a different computer. XML-RPC is the API technology used; however, JSON is much simpler to utilize.” – James from France

“The messages that have been seen do not decrease to a lower priority level, thus if I left one unread, I may return to it later. The communication gets lost in the shuffle of the inbox” –David from Spain

How to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail

Zimbra to Gmail conversion may be accomplished in one of two methods, as shown below. The first is the most effective professional tool, while the second is a manual approach that is filled with difficulties. So, let us go through the steps of migrating Zimbra mail to Gmail one by one:

Professional Software

Syskare Zimbra file converter is the finest and most powerful solution to migrate Zimbra mail to other platforms. This software is capable of quickly transferring data from Zimbra mail to a variety of other file formats. This solution will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

About the Software

  • This tool may easily export tgz files into multiple types of file formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, vCard, and other formats.
  • With this software, users can export selective data as per their needs or choice.
  • It may migrate A to Z all data from Zimbra mail.
  • Users may easily export bulk files at one time from Zimbra mail without any hassle.
  • Although you can export Zimbra contacts into many types of files like vCard, outlook contacts, thunderbird contacts, yahoo mail contacts, etc.
  • This may export all data with attachments.
  • This tool doesn’t need the installation of Zimbra mail or any third-party tool.
  • Without any file size restriction, users may migrate Zimbra to Gmail. Also, it supports all TGZ file sizes.
  • That enables users to see all data in the Zimbra database, including headers, hexadecimal values, and raw message content.

How it Works

  1. Download the tool from the download button.

    Download the tool

  2. Click on the “Add Files tab” or if you want to migrate the folder then choose “Add Folder“.

    click on Add Files tab

  3. And select the files which you want to migrate.

    select the files which you want to migrate

  4. Now select the specific files or folders from the list.

    select the specific files or folders

  5. Click on the search option to search specific data.

    click on search option

  6. Now click on the convert icon to migrate Zimbra to Gmail.

    click on convert icon

  7. Click on “Select Saving Option“.

    select saving option

  8. And choose Gmail as a saving option from the drop-down.

    choose Gmail as saving option

  9. Enter the login details of your Gmail account.

    Enter the login details

  10. If you want to export a conversion report then enable “Creat Log for Messages not Converted“.

    creat log for messages not converted”

  11. Now click on the “Next” icon.

    click on Next icon

  12. After the conversion is complete you will get the confirmation message.

    you will get the confirmation message

  13. Now you can check your Gmail account Zimbra mails imported in Gmail account

    you can check your gmail account

Manual Method to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail

Import/export options are available in the Zimbra Mail client for saving emails as TGZ archives. migrating emails from Zimbra to Gmail requires the following steps to be completed manually:

  1. Firstly, open your Zimbra mail account (Click here to visit the official page of Zimbra).
  2. Click on the preference icon and choose the import/export option.
  3. Now select the needed files or folders which require export.
  4. And then click on the Export icon.
  5. Now your Zimbra mail data exported as an EML file

Following the completion of the process, you must import all of the converted EML files into Gmail. Manual techniques, on the other hand, there is no direct way to migrate Zimbra to Gmail. You’ll need to enlist the assistance of a tool.

Restrictions of Manual Methods

  • Manual techniques need a significant amount of time.
  • This is difficult for non-technical people to understand.
  • Furthermore, there is no direct method to transfer from Zimbra to Gmail at this time.
  • There is a possibility of data loss.


In conclusion, here we covered how to migrate Zimbra to Gmail using both professional tools and manual techniques. Manual methods have some limitations, as we discussed in the previous paragraph, and manual methods are not complete, as you can see in the following example. A professional software, such as the one we mentioned above, is required to import Zimbra mail to Gmail. This tool will allow you to effortlessly migrate Zimbra to Gmail.

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