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How to Open EML File in Chrome? – Step-by-Step Guide!

open .EML file in Chrome

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In this era of digitization, communication has evolved very much, and emails remain one of the pillars supporting the digital communication and establishing tandem between professional and personal communication. While most of the users are habitual of accessing their emails through dedicated email clients, there are instances where they might need to open EML file in Chrome or any other browser like that. In this guide blog, we be get to see 3 exceptional methods which will be very helpful to view EML file online.

Before going further deep in this topic, let us try to understand, what EML file actually is?

So, the EML file is basically an electronic mail file and is commonly used by email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. Each electronic mail file contains the entire content of an email, including the sender, recipient and the main body of the mail.

There are various ways to open EML file in Chrome, but we will be discussing the top 3 methods to accomplish this task!

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What is the Need to open .EML file in Chrome?

  • Platform Independence: Normally the EML access is only limited to email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird, as not every email client is compatible with the EML file type. So, to open EML file in Chrome gives the user platform independence and doesn’t have to be limited to certain email clients to access the contents of the email.
  • Temporary Access: If the user wants to access and look at the EML file content temporarily then, this way to open .EML file in Chrome may seem more efficient to the user.
  • No Email Client Installation: As we discussed earlier, accessing EML files through a web browser provides the users platform independence which also means that the user would not have to install any desktop based email client solely for the purpose to access email contents.
  • Quick Email Inspection: To open .EML file in Chrome gives the user the advantage to access EML files without any dedicated email client saving the trouble to configure and setup email clients and the user can easily verify or inspect the email contents.

Best Ways to Open EML File in Chrome

In this technical blog we will be discussing the top 3 ways to open .EML file in Chrome. Those methods are:

  • Access EML Files through Online Viewer
  • Dedicated Tool to View EML for Mac and Windows Users
  • Dedicated Tool for Windows Users Only

#1 Access EML Files through Online Viewer in Browser- Steps

If you want to open EML file in Chrome through an online viewer then, you can go with the File Viewer’s EML Viewer. Let us look at the steps to use this online tool.

  1. Firstly, go to https://freefileviewers.com/eml/ .
  2. In front of you, you’ll see the landing page where there is a “Select Files” button given.
  3. Click on that button and choose the EML file you want to see the contents of.
  4. After selecting the files, you’ll immediately be able to get the preview of the email contents and you’ll also be able to access the attachments.

Features of this Tool

  • Universal Accessibility: This EML viewer works on all systems and all kinds of platforms.
  • No Software Installation: Many users won’t prefer to download extra software and totally rely on the internet to open EML file in Chrome, so this tool facilitates that.
  • No File Size Restriction: There is no bar for the size of the files the user can view any EML file with this software.

#2 Dedicated Tool to View EML for Mac and Windows Users – Steps

Many users don’t want to access their data through online views because of privacy concerns. Even though the previous method is safe but you still want an alternate option then, you can go with Syskare EML File Converter which is a downloadable application and specifically suited for Windows and Mac platform users. The steps to use this method are given below.

  1. To open .EML file in Chrome browser, firstly, download and run this converter tool.
  2. On the ‘Welcome’ page, click on the “Next” button.
    welcome page to open .eml file in chrome
  3. Now, you’ll have to choose between the dual options that will be presented in front of you.
    dual options
  4. After navigating and selecting your files, click on the “Open” button.
    selecting files
  5. On the EML converter wizard page, click “Next”.
    click next
  6. Now, on the screen that appeared in front of you, check-mark the files that you’ve chosen and hit the “Next” button.
    checkmark the files
  7. Select your preferred ‘Saving option’ as “HTML”, and click on the “Next” button.
    choose html
  8. Now, choose your ‘destination path’, where you want to store your files.
    destination path
  9. Hit on “Convert”.
    initialize conversion
  10. A pop-up in front of you will open which confirms the completion of the process.
    conversion complete
  11. You can check all your converted (HTML) files by visiting your saving location that you had chosen earlier.
    This is one of the most effective way to open EML file in Chrome Browser.
    resultant files

Features of this Tool

  • Multi-Format Conversion: This tool supports conversions of multiple formats.
  • Bulk Conversion: With this tool the user can convert their EML files in bulk simultaneously.
  • Convert EML with Attachments: Having attachments in the EML poses no issues for this software, as this is capable of converting EML files with attachments intact.

#3 Dedicated Tool for Windows Users Only – Steps

If you are a Windows platform user and looking for a dedicated tool that is specifically built for users just like you then, you can go for Syskare EML File Viewer Tool. The Steps to use this software are provided below.

Download for Windows

  1. Download and Run this tool.
  2. On the top left corner in the tool’s interface, you’ll see the “Open” option. Click on it.
  3. Now, you have to select the folders containing emails. Now, you’ll be able to preview the EML files.
  4. With the help of this application, you can access the email’s attachments as well.

Features of this Tool

  • Simple UI: This tool has a very simple and easy to use user interface, one doesn’t have to be a tech geek to use this tool.
  • Efficient Processing: The working of this tool is very fast and the user will be able to open .EML file in Chrome Browser very easily and efficiently.
  • Filter Options: This software has many filtration options that the user can use to access specific EML files such as, by date or by time or even both!

Summing this up!

In this article we have discussed the best ways to open EML file in Chrome. These methods are very efficient and work effectively. You can choose the one that works for you the best. Not every method may work for everyone but, there is one for everyone! Go and try out the ways mentioned in the blog and figure out which one works the best for you.

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