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How to Open and Read Google Takeout files Completely?

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“Hello there, Actually, I deleted my Gmail account a few months ago. So I just exported all of my gmail info into an MBOX file for backup purposes using Google Takeout. But now I want to open Google Takeout data but I don’t know how to examine Google Takeout files. Please provide a solution.”

“Hey, When I was cleaning my laptop, I found some files I had exported from gmail 5 months ago using Google Takeout. However, I have no idea what information is contained in that file. So, I’d like to access Google Takeout data on my laptop; can you provide a method?”

Are you one of them who are looking for a technique to open a Google Takeout file? If yes then here we will show you the best and finest techniques to solve your all queries related to viewing google takeout files.

As we all know, Google Takeout is a tool that allows you to export data from your Gmail account. An MBOX file format is used to store the data from Gmail. However, if your system does not have an email client that supports MBOX, you will be unable to read the files.

So, there are two options for getting access to Google Takeout data: one is to download and configure an email client that supports MBOX files on your device, and the other is to use a free MBOX file viewer to open Google Takeout files. Which is explained in detail here today.

Pro-Solution to View Google takeout Files for Free

I noticed that many users are searching for a free to open google takeout files, so for those users, Syskare developers create this software to access google takeout data for free. Yes, the Syskare MBOX file viewer is one of the best and sophisticated solutions to view Google takeout file data for free.

This software comes with enlightened features which help to access data easily.

Let’s have look at the features of this software…

Enlightened Features of this Tool

  • This software is capable to access google takeout files attachments separately.
  • The software offers a searching option that users can search specific emails by date, from, subject, and received date.
  • Also, this tool allows users to save google takeout files as PDF, CSV, HTML, TXT with all email properties.
  • This wizard has user’s friendly interface for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Users can open google takeout files of any size; this software can access data from any size of the file without any hassle.

How Does the Google Takeout Viewer Works?

  1. Free Download and run the software on your device properly.
  2. Click on the “files” or “folder” option to open the google takeout files.
  3. And all subfolders will appear on the left panel of the software.
  4. Next, all the data of the selected file will show on the screen.
  5. now click on any email that you want to see.
  6. Or there is a search option to search specific emails.

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Manual Method to Access Google Takeout File

I am aware that many users still prefer to manually open Google Takeout files. However, I would like to advise individuals who are using the manual approach that it is not always certified and trustworthy in all circumstances. There are other disadvantages and difficulties as well.

For example, if you wish to open google takeout, you must install an email client that supports MBOX, such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or another mail client. After that, you’ll need some technical understanding to import the Google takeout data into your email client of choice.

So why are you putting yourself through this hassle, when you can simply get a free Google takeout file viewer to open google takeout. If you still have questions, please read the questions and answers between users and our developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can open email attachments that have been saved after they have been saved.
Yes, users will be able to see the email header in its current form without any modifications.
Yes, you can save your data as a pdf file, but it will have a watermark on it. If you do not want the watermark, you must acquire a license for the software.

Time to Say Goodbye

After all, is said and done, we have demonstrated how to open Google Takeout files for free using free software in the preceding section. Which also allows you to save emails after you have viewed them, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the software for free, and we will be back with another post soon to help you with your difficulties.

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