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How to Convert PST File to MSG File?

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Do you have no idea how to convert PST file to MSG file? If yes then here are the best and perfect solutions to convert Outlook PST files to MSG files. Here we will explain to you the complete procedure by using professional solutions and manual methods.

Before start, the procedure let’s have a look at PST vs MSG file

PST vs MSG file

PST file – Microsoft Outlook organizes inbox data, contacts, appointments, calendars, etc. as a personal storage table. This is a singular file for a collection of emails and other things that may be imported and exported. Also, it helps arrange and handle external interactions. A PST file has a specified size limit.

Previous editions of MS Outlook stored PST files in ANSI type, which has a size restriction of 2GB, whereas subsequent versions have a maximum limit of 20GB to 50GB.

MSG File – It is possible to generate or store an MSG file from an email message, contacts, or task produced or stored inside Microsoft Outlook. Using the extension refers to a text file that represents a specific type of data. It used to store messages in plain text format, however, now it stores emails together with pictures and other components in HTML format. If it is being exported to preserve and store or screening for viruses, it should be marked as such.

Why Users Want to Convert PST to MSG File

The following scenario will assist you in understanding why it is necessary to convert PST to MSG file type.

  • What would users do if users get a large number of received emails in their mailbox and they are required to display the message of the email users have received?
  • Email exchange has become commonplace among internet users. Email redirection is a feature in Outlook and various client applications. If users want to pick several messages from the list.
  • Take a PST file with 1000+ inbox things and a great deal of organization. Take an urgent call and a specific email to a customer or teammate.
  • If you have a series of email contacts with a customer that you want to demonstrate to your employer, how will you portray those emails is important to consider.

How to Convert PST File to MSG File

  1. Professional solution
  2. Manual methods

Professional Solution

Syskare PST file converter is one of the best and most preferred tools to convert PST files into multiple types of file formats. This tool may easily and simply convert PST files without any hassle. Also, users may easily do the conversion as per their requirements.

This software has advanced and sophisticated features for conversion which are mentioned below:

Eye-Catching Features of the Tool

  • This tool may convert multiple PST files at one time without any problems.
  • Users may convert any size of PST file.
  • This tool may convert PST files into several types of file formats such as EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, ICS, RTF, windows live mail, Gmail, office 365, g suite, entourage, yahoo mail, and other file formats and applications.
  • Users can manage their converted data by using the file naming option via from, subject and date.p>
  • Also, this software supports every type of operating system.
  • Users can do the conversion as per their needs and requirements.

At this point, we’ve covered the capabilities of the software as well as the reasons why consumers should use it. In the next paragraph, we will walk you through the process of using this tool step by step.

How it works

  1. Download the tool by click on the download button.

    install and run the software

  2. If the outlook is connected to a similar machine then enable the “convert configured outlook mailbox data” option.

    convert configured outlook mailbox data

  3. Otherwise for files choose “Select File” and for folders choose the “Select Folder” option

    choose between Select Files and Select Folder option

  4. For damaged PST files enable the “Use Recovery Mode” option.

    convert corrupt pst file then enable use recovery mode

  5. Hit the Next button to continue.

    Press on Next icon

  6. Select the files or folders that you want to convert.

    from the list specifie the files or folders

  7. Hit on “select saving option“.

    Select Saving Option

  8. Now choose MSG as a saving option from the list.

    Select HTML from the list

  9. Choose the desired path to save the converted file.

    browse the location where you want to save the file

  10. From “File Naming Option” you can arrange your converted data via subject, date, and option

    want to select data via subject, date, from

  11. Now click on the Next button and the process will be started.

    press on next icon to start the procedure

  12. When the process will complete you will get a confirmation pop-up.

    now a confimation message will appear on the screen

Manual Method to Convert PST file to MSG file

To export PST files to MSG format, follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Open MS Outlook and choose email from the inbox and drag the email and drop it into the explorer folder or desktop.
  2. Similarly, you must perform the same procedures for any additional emails, such as in
  3. If you also have a folder with the MSG files in it, then may zip the file with any software; alternatively, transfer all of the MSG files to a folder or zip it.
  4. Create a new email and add the MSG files’ zip folder.

Important Note: It is not possible to convert PST file to MSG format. During the conversion process, just a subset of the emails from the parent PST files is converted to MSG format.

Limitations & Restrictions of the Manual Methods

  • Manual methods are not easy for non-technical users.
  • It takes a lot of time, energy, and a lengthy procedure.
  • Users can not convert PST files in bulk at a time.
  • Users have to repeat the same process again and again for each email.


In conclusion, we discussed how to convert a PST file to MSG file using a professional solution, which is the perfect and finest solution to convert PST files, as well as having great and advanced features, which we discussed above. We also discussed manual methods, which have some limitations, as well as automated solutions. Manual techniques are free and easy, but they come with danger, as we discussed in the previous section.

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