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How to Extract Data from BKF File into Windows 10 & 7?

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Overview: One of the most often asked questions on the internet is “how to extract data from BKF file?” and in this article, we will explain how to do so. The windows image backup extract files in a safe and secure manner are in high demand among users. They are unable to do so. So, to help those individuals who are experiencing difficulties, I am providing them with the best and most free techniques available.

“I have a large number of BKF files on my machine, which is a backup of two years’ worth of Windows image backup files. and these BKF files include all of the information that I hold dear. However, I am unable to locate a method of retrieving files from a Windows image backup. Please provide me with a fantastic answer.”

Extracting data isn’t as easy as we Extracting data from BKF files and folders can result in data loss. After thinking about it, we came up with techniques to repair faulty Windows BKF files. So, this article shows how to extract data from BKF files or Fix Windows 10 System Image Backup Not Working Issues. To learn how to recover a corrupted Windows backup file, read the entire article.

How to Extract Files from Windows Image Backup Manually?

Here we will show you one of the most used techniques to extract files from windows image backup by using NTbackup.exe.

Important Note: With this technique, users can only extract data from a BKF file in a healthy BKF file. This utility does not support Corrupted windows 10 image backup files.

  1. Double click on NTbackup.exe and open the tool.

    click on the NTbackup.exe to extract data from BKF file

  2. Now from the appear window, press the “OK” >> “Next” button.

     press “OK” >> “Next” button

  3. Next, select the option “Restore Files and Settings” and then “Next”.

    Restore Files and Settings

  4. After that, browse the location of the BKF file and click on the “Next” icon.

    browse the location of BKF file to extract data from BKF file

  5. And then, press on the “Advanced” button and select the required location, where you want to save the extracted data.

    press on the “Advance” button

  6. In the end, press on the “Finish” icon to complete the process of windows image backup extract files.

    press on the “Finish” icon to extract data from BKF file

This technique is free and amazing, but there are some limits, which makes the user think, whether this technique should be used or not.

Limitations of Extracting Data from BKF Files

  • Users can not extract the data of the Damage BKF file.
  • This method will not suitable for non-technical users.
  • There is a risk of file corruption because there may have been a virus present in the utility earlier.

Direct Way to Extract Data from BKF File

One of the best SysKare BKF Extractor Tool to extract data from BKF files. The software comes with amazing and phenomenal features. That makes the tool different from others brand tools.

What makes this software distinct from other brands’ tools? I’ll tell you why: there is no other software available on the market that has such a broad range of capabilities.

That is why the majority of IT professionals prefer our method to extract files from Windows 10 image backup.

Let’s have look at the capabilities of the software in dept.

Tremendous Features of the Utility

  1. The software supports both Windows NTBackup & Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec (.BKF) files.
  2. The tool can retrieve data from highly corrupted BKF files in a healthy manner. And users can restore all types of data including images, documents, images, videos, audios, and other data.
  3. This tool can restore corrupted Windows NTBackup and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec BKF files. If the file is slightly corrupted, the user may utilize Quick Scan mode.
  4. Also, there is an option to retrieve selected data from the BKF file according to your needs to extract data from the BKF file.
  5. There is an option to restore the data of the BKF File at the desired location.
  6. The software supports all Windows OS editions, so users can easily install and use the tool into windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and other previous versions.

How Can I Restore Data from Windows Image Backup?

  1. Install the tool on your machine.

    Install the tool

  2. Now upload the damaged BKF file by using the “Open Now” option.

    upload the damage BKF file to extract data from BKF file

  3. Next, all the data of the BKF file will appear on the screen and select the required data.

    all the data of BKF file will appear

  4. After that, click on the “Recover” icon.

    click on the “Recover” icon to extract data from BKF file

  5. And then browse the saving location to start the process to extract data from the BKF file.

    browse the saving location

Important Note: Users can operate the software free before purchasing the licensed version. So, download the free edition, and see how does the software works.

General Asked Questions

Yes, this happens sometimes, check all files of NTbackup are available on your machine like vssapi.dll, Query.dll, & ntmsapi.dll files.
No, the software, supports all Windows OS 11, 10, 8, 7, and previous editions.

Time to Say Goodbye

That is how to extract data from the BKF file without data loss. We have discussed both free and automatic methods to extract Windows backup files. There are some limits to the manual recovery of BKF files. In this case, we suggest the above-mentioned tool. The tool extracts backup BKF files in all Windows versions.

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