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How to Flatten Fillable PDF Files? Complete Guide

Kylen ~ Modified: 20-Sep-2022 ~ Adobe PDF Management ~ 4 Minutes Reading

When you are using a fillable form in a PDF file, that time you have to lock or Flatten Fillable PDF Files to ensure that, nobody can change or manipulate your information, and the file will open on all platforms without any hassle.

As we all know that PDF file is a highly used file format to share personal and professional information. Most entrepreneurs and companies use this file format to modify and share information with others.

But if your PDF file is not flattened, and some wrong hands will get your PDF file. then what will you do? I know still you are confused that what flattened a PDF file is. Then read out the complete article.

What are Flatten Fillable PDF Files, and Why it’s Important?

Flatten Fillable PDF Files: Mean nobody can change or modify your personal and professional information, that contains in a PDF file.

People frequently share PDFs without first locking them because they don’t realize the file can be locked or flattened. Without your knowledge or consent, anyone can now modify or delete your information. This is only one of many reasons why Flatten Fillable PDF Files are so crucial; some others are discussed below.

Reasons to Flatten Fillable PDF Files

  • This feature provides you safety and security to steal your data without your permission. After Flatten Fillable PDF Files, nobody can change your information.
  • When you create your PDF file with multiple layers and design and flatting then provide a clear view while printing the file.
  • Also flatting a PDF file makes the file accessible from all platforms.

Safest Solution to Lock a Fillable PDF from Editing in Bulk

One of the best and safest solutions is the Syskare PDF File Manager Tool to flatten a fillable PDF document. This software has many advanced features and capabilities users can be flattening multiple PDF files at one time without any limitations. Also, the software is easy to use for all technical and non-technical users. Also, the software provides dual options to upload PDF files. And there is no need to download and install any third-party tool to run the software.

Also, users can perform multiple tasks using this superior software like:

Also, the software provides a demo version to flatten a fillable PDF with the company’s watermark. Users can use the tool to see how the software works. download the software using the download buttons.

Download Now

Working Steps to Flatten Fillable PDF Files

  1. Install and run the software on your machine.

    software to Flatten Fillable PDF Files

  2. And then, upload the PDF files which you want to lock using select files and select folders options.

    upload the PDF files

  3. Now select the required PDF files from the software panel and click on the “Next” button.

    required PDF files

  4. After that, select the required location to save the file after flattening.

    required location

  5. And then, Flatten Fillable PDF files from the appearing list.

    Flatten Fillable PDF files

  6. Lastly, hit the “Start” button to Flatten Fillable PDF Files.

    “Start” button

Manual Methods to Lock a PDF Form that is Fillable

Here I will show you two manual methods to flatten fillable PDF files using a browser and Adobe Acrobat. Complete steps are mentioned below:

Method 1: How do you Flatten a Fillable PDF using Browser?

  1. Open the PDF file in any browser (we are using chrome), that you want to flatten.
  2. And then, click on the “Print” icon.


  3. Now a window will appear and choose the destination as “Save as PDF” and then click on the “Save” button.


  4. After that, browse the saving location where you want to save the file.

    saving location

  5. Lastly, hit the “Save” icon.

Now print your all PDF files one by one, and repeat the procedure. And keep in mind that, sometimes Print icons will not display.

Method 2: Flatten a PDF Fillable Form using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. And then, scroll down and choose “Tools Menu” >> “Print Production” options.
  3. Now select “Flattener Preview” options, also users can use advanced filter options.
  4. After that, enable the page numbering in the PDF file.
  5. Lastly, hit the “Apply” >> “Ok” button to lock a fillable PDF from editing.

Important Note: Adobe Acrobat is an expensive method with a complicated UI.

Time to Say Goodbye

The comprehensive methods, both manual and professional, for flattening fillable PDF files have been detailed in the previous section. The manual approaches have a few drawbacks and limits, which have been discussed previously. Therefore, I strongly advise you to make use of a professional solution, since this type of service typically offers a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities and features. In addition to that, you have the option of testing out the tool’s free demo edition.

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