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How to Import AOL mail to a Gmail : Step by Step

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Hey, are you looking for a way to import AOL mail to Gmail?

Here you will get the best and finest tool to transfer AOL mail to Gmail. Here we will show you the manual and automatic solutions to import AOL mail to Gmail.

Using several email accounts may be inconvenient, but it does not imply users have to visit them daily. Emails may be regularly sent from one address to another, and replies can be made from a separate account. This article will teach users how to forward AOL emails to Gmail.

User Query

“Hey, I am from the United States and have been using AOL mail for three years. I would want to move my data to a Gmail account, but I have not been able to find a method to import AOL mail into Gmail. Also, I attempted the manual method of setting AOL mail into Gmail, but I just received new emails instead of my old data such as emails, contacts, and other items. I need my previous data back. So, please advise on the best-automated option.”

How to Import AOL mail to Gmail?

Pro Tip: Syskare AOL backup tool is sophisticated software that allows you to convert AOL mail data into a variety of other file kinds. This application makes it simple to convert and import data in the format that you need. This tool offers remarkable and distinct characteristics that distinguish it from other tools.

In this paragraph, I will explain to you the complete ways to transfer AOL mail to Gmail account by using the automatic solutions and manual methods with some limitations. methods are mentioned below one by one:

Automatic Solution to import AOL mail to Gmail

Using the Syskare AOL mail backup software, you can easily move your AOL mail to Gmail. It is one of the most effective and powerful solutions available. There are no modifications with this tool since it has unique and advanced capabilities, and it guarantees 100 percent conversion and implementation without any alterations.

Why this Tool

  • This tool allows users to save AOL mail data as per their requirement via date, from, and to.
  • This tool can convert and import into several types of file formats such as PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, TXT, windows live mail, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, and other applications.
  • It is able to preserve the hierarchical layout of AOL data intact when restoring it. After emails have been saved on the local machine, the read/unread status of the mails is kept in the database.
  • This tool may compatible with every type of operating system.
  • With this application, users may save their AOL email backup to a number of file types on their local computer or laptop. In order to create an AOL backup, users must create a third-party app passcode.

How to Use This Tool?

  1. Firstly, download the tool and press on Next button.
  2. Now select the option “Select Files” and “Select Folders“.
  3. Click on “I Am Multiple Users” if you are multiple accounts.
  4. press on “Select Mailbox Folder“.
  5. Now select the file or folder that you need to convert and then click on “Select Folder“.
  6. Now confirm the files or folders to conversion and press on the Next icon.
  7. press on the filter option tab.
  8. For covert, the specific data click on the “Use advanced settings for filter saving” option via subject, to, date, and from.
  9. Now click on “Select Saving Option”.
  10. And then select MBOX as a saving format from the drop-down.
  11. Now select the destination path to save the file and press on Save button.
  12. Press on the Next icon and then click on the Convert icon to start the procedure.
  13. Lastly, After the procedure will complete you will get the confirmation pop-up.

Manual Method

Here I will explain to you the manual method to transfer AOL mail to a Gmail account. Follow all steps which are mentioned below:

Important Note: Before using this technology, please read all the limitations and restrictions mentioned below. We are not suggesting these manual techniques to you, so use these techniques at your own risk.

Keep in mind that with this method, you can only forward your AOL mail to your Gmail account. After setup, you will get all new AOL mail messages on your Gmail account; but you will not receive any of your old emails or data using this manual approach.

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Then click on Settings (gear icon) from the top right corner.

    Click on settings

  3. Now click on the “see all settings” option.

    see all settings” option

  4. Now press on the “Accounts and Import” tab at the top.

    accounts and import” tab at the top

  5. And then Select the “Add Mail Accounts” option to add an account.

    >add mail accounts” option

  6. Now a window will appear as you can see in the screenshot.

    >window will appear

  7. Now enter your AOL mail email id and click on the Next icon.

    >enter your AOL mail email id

  8. Select “link account with Gmailify” to link your account and then Next to continue.

    >Select “link account with Gmailify”

  9. Now once again enter your AOL mail id and Next.

    >Select “link account with Gmailify”

  10. And then enter the password of your AOL mail address and Lastly, click on the Next button.

    >enter the password of your AOL mail address

  11. Now Gmail will access your mail and profile click on Agree icon.

    >Gmail will access your mail

  12. Now the procedure will be complete.

    >Now the procedure will be complete

Using this method, you can only set up your AOL account with Gmail. And you can send and receive AOL messages through Gmail. But these techniques have some limitations. which are mentioned below. I suggest choosing the manual technique if you only want to manage your AOL data on Gmail however if you want to import all previous data to AOL Mail along with Contacts and Calendars and other data. Then choose an automated solution. With this tool, you can back up your AOL Mail.

Manual Limitations and Restrictions

  1. These techniques take time.
  2. With this technique, you can only receive new emails, no old emails.
  3. Also, users may not link or sync contacts and calendars.
  4. When you configure AOL Mail, you will get all new emails in a single Gmail folder since there is no separate folder for AOL Mail. In the case of an AOL Mail account, if you receive an email, the email will be shown in your Gmail inbox.


In conclusion, above we discussed how to import AOL mail to a Gmail account and how to forward AOL mail to Gmail by using the automatic solution and manual method. Manual methods are simple however, not easy and useful because of limitations and restrictions as I mentioned above. So use an automatic solution to convert AOL mail data and import it into several types of file formats. Download the software by clicking on the download icon.

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