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How to Move IncrediMail to New Computer? Complete Guide

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Summary: In this article, we will show you how to move IncrediMail to new computer. here we explained a complete and step-by-step guide and full information about IncrediMail application.

As we all know IncrediMail email client shut down their services. So, users of the IncrediMail email client export their data as IMM, IML, and CAB files. now many situations come where they want to move IncrediMail to new computer.

Why Do Users Want to Transfer IncrediMail to New Computer?

“Hello there, At the point in time when the IncrediMail email software stopped down, I exported my data into the IncrediMail file format. However, I just upgraded my computer and now make use of the Outlook email software on my new computer. The time has come for me to move IncrediMail to a new computer. Therefore, I can open the IncrediMail file in outlook. Could you kindly provide some suggestions?”
“Hey, a few days back, I cleaned up some space on my computer by removing some unnecessary files. And I got some IMM. Therefore, I attempted to open it, but it is not in the open position. And I don’t have IncrediMail installed on this computer. Therefore, I am seeking a technique to transfer IncrediMail to a new computer using a standard format so that I can preview the data.”

How to Move IncrediMail to New Computer Professionally?

There is no manual method available on the internet to transfer IncrediMail to new computer manually. So, users have to take the help of third-party tools. like Syskare IncrediMail Converter Software. The software is created with a high level of algorithms. That makes the software different and unique from other brands’ tools. Also, the software has advanced and superior features.

Advance and Superior Features of the Software

  1. The software provides dual options to upload IncrediMail data using the “select files” and “select folder” options.
  2. Also, if your IncrediMail account is set up with the same machine, then select the “Convert Configured IncrediMail Mailbox Data” option, so the tool will load data automatically.
  3. The tool creates with advanced-level algorithms, which makes the software easy to use for all technical and non-technical users.
  4. This utility is compatible with all IncrediMail files like IMM, IM, IML, DB, etc to move IncrediMail to new computer.
  5. The software can export complete data of the IncrediMail email client including Emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, and other data.
  6. Users can easily transfer all the data from all IncrediMail folders like Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, etc.
  7. The software provides a “file naming option” to manage their converted data as per their needs.

How to Move IncrediMail to New Computer?

  1. Download and run the software on your machine.

    run the incredimail converter

  2. Now upload the IncrediMail files using the “Select files” and “Select Folders” options or if your IncrediMail account is configured on the same machine select “Convert Configured IncrediMail Mailbox Data”.

    upload the IncrediMail files

  3. And then, all the data of IncrediMail will show on the screen, and select the required data from the list and the “Next” icon.

    IncrediMail data to Move IncrediMail to New Computer

  4. Now hit the “Select Saving Option” and choose a file format from the drop-down according to your needs.

    Select Saving Option

  5. After that, browse the saving location and hit the “Next” icon to start the process to move IncrediMail to new computer.

    saving location to Move IncrediMail to New Computer

Time to Say Goodbye

Through reading this post, we have understood the most secure way to move IncrediMail to a new computer. It is a perfectly reliable method that has been examined in great detail and examined in detail. Because it guarantees that data is kept secure, the proposed software is put to use by professionals who want to export and migrate their data across different platforms.

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