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How to Convert MBOX File to TEXT Format in Few Simple Steps ?

Debasmita ~ Modified: 29-Dec-2021 ~ MBOX File Management ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you guys searching for the best solution for Convert MBOX to Text File? This blog presents the best professional solution for completing this task in the best possible manner. Go through it and solve the process in a hassle-free manner.

Different email users wish to export MBOX emails to a Text file so as to open the email data in any word processor. Keep reading this blog to know about how to export MBOX files to Text format with the help of MBOX to TXT converter.

Let’s understand this issue from the user’s point of view

User Query:Hi, I am Lonard and working as a senior accountant in an organization. Earlier we were using the Thunderbird email application for the past few years. Recently my Thunderbird has stopped working in my system. Now, I have exported the mailbox file from the default location. So, I want to read some important emails inside this mailbox file. Therefore, I want to convert MBOX to Text format. Does anyone know how to perform this task? If yes, then please Help Me!!!

Lonard, United States

What is Text File Format?

TEXT files are standard text documents that contain plain text. It is used to save information in a text file without having any special formatting. Text files can be easily opened with Geany, Microsoft Notepad, Notepad ++, EditPad Lite, Atom, Visual Studio Code, DocPad, and many other text editors as well.


What are the reasons for MBOX to TXT Conversion?

There are multiple reasons which force users to perform this conversion task. So, let’s have a look at some of them:

  • The text file is easy to open and view in multiple text editing applications.
  • It is easy for the users to edit the information with a text editor.
  • Users can easily find the email they need.
  • A text file that is easy to read by just double-clicking in it.
  • They are also small or versatile.
  • Users can send email data as an email attachment.
  • Users can batch convert MBOX to TXT format, and use the output text files wherever required as text files occupy a little size.

One & Only Technical Solution for Converting MBOX to Text File

Syskare MBOX Converter Tool is the perfect solution for both professional and home users to accomplish the task easily. By using this application users can easily export MBOX files to Text files without any trouble. The best thing about this application is, batch mode option is available through which users can easily perform this task in one go. It will save a lot of time. Also, it is capable to convert emails from fields like email body, To, From, CC, BCC to a tidy list.

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Also, there is no need to learn any technical skills for using this software as it doesn’t contain any special technicalities. Just by following the below–mentioned steps user will be able to perform this task.


Step–by–Step Working Procedure of Convert MBOX to TEXT File

Users have to follow some simple and quick steps for performing this task easily:

  1. Firstly, download, install and run the MBOX to Text Converter on their Windows Machine.

    install MBOX to Text Converter

  2. Then, the user has to select the choice between “Select Files” or “Select Folders” for uploading the MBOX files.

    select files or folders

  3. Now, users have to select the Text file saving option from the given saving list.

    select text file saving option

  4. After that, browse the destination path for saving the final resultant data.

    browse destination to save output data

  5. Finally, tap on the convert button to start the conversion procedure as soon as possible.

    convert mbox to text process complete


Any Manual Solution for Performing this Conversion Task?

There are many users who were searching for solutions for performing the task by using Manual solutions. But as such, there is no manual solution available for the users for completing this task.

Also, there are a lot of drawbacks that users have to face if they go with a manual approach. To avoid such limitations, it is better to go with the professional approach. Users will be able to complete the task on time with Software solutions.


What are the Limitations Involved in Manual Solution?

There are multiple drawbacks that users will have to face with manual solutions. They are:

  1. Time-Consuming method. Users will have to invest their crucial time and will have to keep patience as well.

  2. There is no guaranty of accuracy in results in a manual solution.
  3. There is a possibility of losing crucial data if the user decides to with a manual approach.
  4. Not every non – technical user will be able to understand the manual approach. As it contains technicalities.

Bringing All Together

This post explains Convert MBOX to Text File in brief. By following the steps mentioned here user will not have to get worried about completing the task in the best possible manner. The best technical solution has been mentioned here. Most importantly this tool can be used by both technical and non – technical users.

Therefore, in the above article, we have presented an intelligent and fast approach, that is, MBOX to Text converter software to export MBOX files without any errors and data loss.

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