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How to Convert MBOX to MSG – Effective Solution to Perform the Export Process

Debasmita ~ Modified: 21-Nov-2022 ~ MBOX File Management ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Are you guys looking for a way to perform the task of Convert MBOX to MSG? If yes, then stop searching for a solution and refer to this post. It has the best solution for the users.

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User Query: Hi! I am Adam. I am an IT Administrator. Currently, we were working on a project. We have multiple MBOX files which I want to convert into MSG format for sharing with my other teammates. The issue I am facing right now is I don’t know how to export MBOX to MSG that too in bulk.
If someone has a solution for batch converting the MBOX files, kindly suggest.  Thanks in advance.

Just like the above user, there are many who wants a solution to this issue. Well, this write-up is helpful for both technical and non – technical users. First, we’ll have a look at the reasons due to which users look for converting MBOX files into MSG files.

Why this Conversion is Required – Reasons

  • An MSG file saves emails separately in case there is a need to find a message urgently, it becomes easy to just search for it than going through a thousand of emails.
  • It is not possible to support contacts in the MBOX format whereas the MSG file supports contacts easily.
  • It is easy for the users to store & handle the MSG files.
  • Users find MSG file more appropriate as well as relevant service to exchange emails.
  • MSG files are handy and convenient for all users.

Is it Possible to Convert MBOX to MSG by Using Manual Solution?

Most of the users are searching for manual solutions for performing this task. But as such, there is no manual solution available through which the user will directly perform the conversion task.

The only manual way available is divided into two stages as mentioned below:

  1. Conversion to Outlook Data File
  2. Drag & Drop MBOX Messages

This method can take more time than estimated as it requires you to drag & drop messages one by one to complete the transition.

There is another method for the same as recommended by the experts which can instantly convert the user’s data. As mentioned above, there are two stages for this method. The first stage requires the user to export the files in Outlook data file format.

The second stage requires the user to drag the files one by one & drop them separately to create the .msg file. This is a very complicated procedure because extracting crucial emails individually can become a task and can also cause confusion to the users.

Moreover, a complicated fact about this method is that conversion to Outlook supported format is also divided into 4 different steps. Also, its first step is divided into four stages. Users has to go through these four steps for performing the task:

  1. Importing Files into Apple Mail
  2. Creating Mailbox with Eudora
  3. Transferring the Messages to Outlook Express
  4. Exporting Converted Files to MS Outlook

Then, Dragging & Dropping Emails Individually.

Other than the complicated & time-consuming steps of this process, it also doesn’t guarantee any data safety & maintenance of integrity after the completion of the conversion process.

What are the Drawbacks of Using Manual Solution?

There are many limitations of using the manual approach. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Users will not be able to get 100 % appropriate output results by using this approach.
  • The above–mentioned manual solution requires a lot of technical knowledge for performing the following task.
  • Also, the user will not be able to export the MBOX file data. But if the user goes for a technical approach this process can be done easily.
  • Using manual solutions without any hassle is not every user’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Best Solution for Converting MBOX to MSG file – Technical Approach

Users’ problems can be solved very easily with the help of Syskare MBOX File Converter. By using this application users can easily perform the conversion task without any hassle. Everything is good about this application, be it the interface that gives the user a comfortable and trouble-free experience, or the process by using which the user is able to perform the task.

Download Now

Users don’t have to do much; they just have to sit a few moments and do a few clicks for performing the entire conversion procedure of how to convert MBOX to MSG. This application is completely reliable and fully automatic, which results in a very pleasant ride. For completing this purpose, we are going to offer users step by step process of this application.

This procedure will definitely answer the user’s question, so take a look at it.


How to Export MBOX to MSG – Complete Working Procedure

Follow the below–mentioned steps for performing this task in the best way:

  1. First, users have to install and run MBOX to MSG Converter on their Windows Machine.

    install MBOX to MSG converter

  2. After that, select the choice between “Select Files” or “Select Folders” for uploading the MBOX files.

    select files or folder option

  3. Now, users have to select the MSG file saving option from the given drop list.

    Select MSG saving option

  4. Thereafter, browse the destination path for saving the resultant data.

    browse destination

  5. Finally, tap on the convert button to start the conversion procedure without losing any data.

    convert mbox to msg process complete

Gathering All Together

The above post describes how to convert MBOX to MSG in brief. Users can easily perform this task without facing any issues. The software mentioned in this post is best for performing the task in a hassle-free manner. It has multiple crucial features which play a vital role in completing the conversion procedure.

Also, both manual and professional solution has been mentioned here. Users can use it accordingly. But it is better to use it professionally as there are no limitations if using this approach. So, we hope after reading this informative blog users will not have to face any issues in performing the task.


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