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How to Export MBOX to HTML File Format?

Selena ~ Modified: 21-Nov-2022 ~ Email Management, Web Browser ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you searching for a way to export the MBOX file to HTML Web page format? If yes, this article will show you how to convert MBOX to HTML format in Bulk.

We Understand with Some Users Query

“Hi! I have more than 500+ files on my computer, and I want to convert them to a Webpage format. As a result, I’m looking for a way to export MBOX to HTML files. Could you please provide me with a solution that works for both Mac and Windows operating systems?”

In the technological era, we understand that users have a high demand for MBOX to HTML conversion. As a result, we opted to provide a simple and effective way to convert MBOX to HTML Webpage format.

MBOX file is one of the world’s oldest email storage formats. MBOX files contain much information, for instance, email addresses, email messages, date & time, and so on.

HTML is a Web page format that is used to save web page data on your PC. You can view these HTML files with any web browser, for instance, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and so on.

On the other hand, any text editor application does not allow to open MBOX emails. As a result, a user needs a good solution for converting MBOX files to HTML format.

Therefore, at the end of the article, you get the best way to convert MBOX files to HTML. In only a few steps, you can export MBOX to Webpage format.

A Professional Method to Export MBOX to HTML Format

Several solutions are available for converting MBOX files to HTML format that are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. But Syskare MBOX file converter is the most effective and finest tool to convert MBOX to HTML format. This tool is simple to use to transfer bulk MBOX file to HTML format. There are no size limitations.

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Step by Step Guide to Export MBOX to HTML Format

1. Firstly, you will see the dual option Select Files/Select Folders, choose any one option.

choose files/folders option

2. Secondly, check the MBOX folder and hit the Next button.

select MBOX file to HTML format

3. Then, Select HTML format from the Dropdown menu to export MBOX to HTML web page.

choose HTML format

4. Select the most appropriate path to your destination based on your requirements.

select path to convert MBOX to HTML

5. The software provides you with an option for file naming, which you can use to organize your files professionally. Click the Convert tab.

select file naming option to import MBOX to HTML

6. Allow a few minutes for the conversion to be completed.

live conversion to import MBOX to HTML

7. Finally, the tool displays a message indicating that the conversion has been completed.

conversion complete to import MBOX to HTML

Features of MBOX to HTML Converter Software

  • The software gives you advanced file naming options such as Subject, Date, from, to. This feature allows users to manage files professionally.
  • You can Export MBOX to HTML files or into various desktop Email clients & Webmail. For instance, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Windows Live Mail, Hosted Exchange Server, Gmail, Office 365, Amazon Workmail, G Suite, Maildir, and so on.
  • This MBOX to HTML Converter tool support multiple file formats like – MSG, PDF, HTML, EML, etc.
  • It allows users to import multiple MBOX emails into HTML at the same time. No limit exists on the number of MBOX emails that can be transferred at any given time.
  • The tool for converting MBOX files to HTML is suitable with all Windows operating systems for example, Windows XP, Vista, 10, 7, and so on are examples of operating systems.
  • The MBOX to HTML Converter software provides the option to select the location as per your need.

Why Users Export Emails from MBOX to HTML Format

  • When content is presented in HTML format, it can be modify fast and simple when changes are required. That’s the main reason of Export MBOX to HTML.
  • The time required to download in HTML format is significantly less.
  • Search engine optimization is improved when HTML is used.
  • It is not necessary to have Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, and other app to open HTML file after performing the convert MBOX to HTML procedure.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we provided a step-by-step procedure for converting MBOX files to HTML webpage format using a third-party tool. For users to analyze the MBOX to HTML Converter software before investing money, it is provided free demo version that allows to import some emails from each MBOX folders. And by reading this complete guide users can effortlessly export MBOX to HTML File format with complete mailbox data in your HTML web pages.

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By Selena

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