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Import EML File to Outlook 2016, 2007, and Older Versions

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Read and understand this article carefully to learn some effective methods for import EML file to Outlook versions. But there is no guarantee of the honesty of any manual described in this blog. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand and use it based on your own understanding.

As Microsoft’s consistent and approved email client, Outlook files have a large following. All EML file formats are converted to the PST file format to ensure data availability within MS Outlook. This goal is achieved using both the conversion and import processes. If we consider the EML files created for other mail users, this may also be of interest to users who are currently using MS Outlook.

The best features of Outlook software for reading EML files are its offline capability and the lack of file loss due to everything being saved in its database. Due to this users want to import EML file to Outlook application.

Thirdly, there’s a high risk of accidentally removing EML files due to their ability to be migrated and saved in any folder by users. A good way to solve this import EML file to Outlook problem is to use the methods that are described in this article. We will discuss simple methods for exporting the EML files into the MS Outlook format.

Migrate EML to Outlook Versions?

Transferring EML data into the Outlook application depends on the destination and many EML files. Similarly, we have many options for you to import EML files into Outlook versions. This software applies to all MS Outlook versions, including 2019, 2016, and 2010 and so on. We discussed the process step by step.

Note: Bear in mind that before running these processes, you should make a backup of your EML files.

Third-party Tool – Import EML Files to Outlook in the Easiest Way

We have provided two viable manual methods to Export EML to Outlook in this article, but as we all know, rural solutions carry certain risks and inconveniences to the user’s data. Manual methods, data loss, or property changes are common risks, while single EML transfer and two email client requirements in the respective solutions and loss of SMTP headers are other drawbacks. No offense intended. However, if users do not want all of these restrictions, we have a solution for them in the form of our Syskare EML to Outlook Converter tool. The program is a professional file converter that easily import EML file to Outlook PST file format that you can use in your Outlook application.

Except for 2019, 2016, and 2010, it is compatible with all Outlook versions. The most unique feature is that there are no file count or file size limitations; users can even read the content of EML files before conversion. With so much praise for the tool, please let us get to know it a little bit more practice with the working steps. You can test these steps independently by downloading and installing the tool’s demo version for free.

After downloading and installing Syskare EML Converter Wizard, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Run the software. It gives you two options to Select Files/Select Folders.
  2. Saving your file in 25+ file formats. Choose Outlook PST format.choose outlook pst file
  3. After processing the saving format, press the convert button.
  4. Pop-up on your screen, indicating that the conversion was successful.Eml conversion successfully

As a result, You can easily import EML files to Outlook without any changes or data loss.

Export Windows Live Mail EML Files to MS Outlook

WLM Export feature to use in this way and is suggested in the possibilities below.

  • If you currently use Windows Live Mail.
  • Moving different EML files.
  • If you have both MS Outlook and WLM installed.

Follow the steps below to import EML to Outlook with WLM.

    1. Open both MS Outlook and WindowsLive Mail.
    2. File to Export and then go Email Messages in Windows Live Mail.import eml file to outlook
    3. Now select MS Exchange and click Next.

      import eml to outlook exchange option

    4. All emails will be transferred to MS Outlook Exchange Server or Outlook. Click OK.
    5. When prompted, choose the Outlook profile and OK.
    6. Then you can choose to transfer all files or select email files. Decide and click OK.

Note: Before exporting folders, create subfolders for them to avoid confusion afterward, as subfolders may appear as higher folders in Outlook. All the Outlook folder structures would remain the same.

  1. Based on the folder size, the export process will begin and end.
  2. After processing is finished, click Finish to exit.
  3. So EML folders are transferred from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Note: EML messages in the folder can be dragged and dropped directly into the Windows Live Mail message list.

Dragging Email File to Outlook

This method is simple and should be used in the situations below.

  • Seprate storage of EML file
  • If your system has an EML files folder
  • If only Outlook is installed

Now that you know all the situations where this import EML File to Outlook method can be used, tell us how to do it.

  1. Start your Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. Open the EML file where you stored it.
  3. Drag and drop EML files to the Microsoft Outlook application mailbox.
  4. Repeat for other EML file folders if desired.
  5. You can now open and view EML files in Outlook.
  6. Attachments to emails cannot be moved to Outlook using the drag-and-drop method.


In conclusion, you know how to get import EML file to Outlook versions. If you want to import manually, there are limitations and risks of losing your data and a time-consuming process. This Tool safe your files for a lifetime and save you time.

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