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How to Import PST File to Thunderbird : Step by Step

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This is true of the fact that Outlook is a paid email application and incurs a high maintenance cost. For this reason, users import PST file to Thunderbird. If you are one of those users then continue reading this blog to get more knowledge.

As we all know Microsoft Outlook is the largest heavily used email service worldwide. A lot of businesses utilize MS Outlook with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 to handle emails and events. Outlook is not a free email service and comes with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Thunderbird is a freeware, open-source email client for Windows, Mac, etc. Thunderbird is an email service that was created and produced by the Mozilla Organization. It enables users to handle emails, newsgroups, and other mailbox functions. Its saves data in the “MBOX” format, which is supported by various email clients including Apple Mail, Eudora, etc.

The majority of clients are moving from Outlook PST to Thunderbird only for these reasons. But the sad part is that most of the users do not know how to import PST files to Thunderbird without Outlook. before moving the solution, let’s have to take a look at the user query.

User Query

“Hello, I am trying to import old Outlook emails in PST folders to Thunderbird. I have created a new local folder in Thunderbird but there is no “import” facility when I right-click on it. Please guide me to a reliable solution to import PST to Thunderbird.”

Reasons to Convert PST to Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird, as previously stated, is an open-source email client available for many platforms. In addition to these features, users may easily import PST files to Thunderbird without Outlook.

Multiple Platform Support: Thunderbird runs on Windows, UNIX, macOS, Ubuntu, and, Linux among other operating systems. A popular Email client for UNIX and Linux users.

Data Safety: Mozilla Thunderbird has the greatest security settings.

Archive with a Single Click: One-click archiving stores the chosen emails in an archive file.

Infrastructure for pCloud Data Storage: Thunderbird clients may easily share big files with pCloud.

Quick Solution to Import .pst File to Thunderbird without Outlook

The Syskare PST converter can import PST file to Thunderbird with emails, deleted items, contacts, notes, junk mails, journals, calendars, etc without Outlook. With this Outlook PST to Thunderbird converter tool, you may easily and simply import your PST file into Gmail and other file formats. Additionally, you may migrate your multiple Outlook PST files at one time.

Download Now

Features of this Software

  1. This software can convert Multiple PST files into Thunderbird at one time.
  2. Also, users can convert selected PST files according to their needs.
  3. This software is capable to save converted data direct into Thunderbird.
  4. With this software users can split the PST files which are big into separate folders.
  5. This software allows users to view all that files and folder data before the conversion.

How to Does PST to Thunderbird Wizard Work?

  1. Download and Install the PST converter on your Windows machine.
  2. The software works automatically, if you choose “Convert configured Outlook mailbox data” it automatically fetches your data and you click on the “Select Files” or “Select Folder” option You can add a PST file manually by clicking.

    Install the PST converter

  3. Next, all the data will appear on the software panel, now select your desired PST email folders and click strong>Next.

    choose PST folder to import Thunderbird

  4. Choose Thunderbird as a saving option from the menu to import PST file to Thunderbird without Outlook.

    Choose Thunderbird as a saving option

  5. If you want to import all data directly into the thunderbird account then don’t change the location. or if you want only file on another location then you can choose the location according to yourself.

    choose location to import PST to Thunderbird

  6. The procedure to Import PST file to Thunderbird will begin.

    start conversion to Outlook PST to Thunderbird

  7. Next, you will get a confirmation message after the procedure is complete.
  8. At last, Open your Thunderbird and you will be able to access imported email messages.

Manual Methods to Import PST to Thunderbird without Outlook

Many users are a bit confused to import PST files into Thunderbird for free, but the fact is that Thunderbird does not give you any direct option to import Outlook data into Thunderbird. For the manual method, first, you need to import Outlook PST file in MBOX format and then import MBOX file into Thunderbird. The Manual method is quite lengthy and need technical knowledge also. If you want to go with the manual method then you can use GWMMO TOOL which is provided by Microsoft Outlook.


To summarise, all of the techniques listed above are excellent and simple to use; unfortunately, when using manual methods to Import PST Files to Thunderbird without Outlook, users will face issues such as lengthy and time-consuming processes and must install Outlook. Use the software to save your time and import many PST files at once.

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