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How to Open EML Files Without Outlook in Windows – Best 3 Methods

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Are you looking for a safe and secure way to open EML files without the Outlook application in Windows OS? Then, you are on the correct blog post. Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with the best 3 methods to open EML Files without Outlook in Windows OS.

As we know that electronic mail files are typically archived files created by email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and others email clients. These files contain attachments, email messages, metadata, properties, and so on. But, if you find or receive a few EML files from anywhere. And are surprised by what articles are contained within them, So, you will need to know different ways to open EML files without Outlook in Windows.

This blog is helpful for users who want to learn how to view EML files in Windows and more about it in case they have any future needs. In other words, this article will discuss all the best and possible methods to open EML files in Windows. So read the sections below carefully to determine the differences and the best tricks to View, and open EML in Windows 10,11, and other versions as well.

Programs that Open EML Files

An overview of software programs that can open the EML file is provided in the below section. There are multiple email clients and applications available that can easily open bulk EML files without any data phishing.

  1. All Web Browser
  2. Outlook Express
  3. HCL Notes/Domino Server
  4. Microsoft Outlook
  5. MBOX supported mail clients
  6. eM Client
  7. Windows Live Mail

Windows EML File Opening Methods

In this article, we provide detailed information about opening EML files in Windows 10, and 11. So, that users can easily know how to open EML files without Outlook in Windows OS.

  1. View EML File with Professional method
  2. Use Email Client
  3. Plain Text EML Viewer
  4. Browser (Changed Extension)

How to Open EML File Without Outlook Using Professional Method

While these informal techniques may appear easy, there is no guarantee that all of your EML files are imported into Outlook successfully. But if you have a large amount of EML data, this will take time and effort on your part. Additionally, there is a possibility that the manual process will change the EML file’s SMTP header section. As a result of these issues, it is suggested that you use a trusted tool for this “How to Open EML File Without Outlook” query.

And here comes Syskare EML Converter Wizard is the finest solution to Open EML files without Outlook application on Windows OS. It is the highly recommended utility that can resolve all of your EML accessing issues. However, the unique point of this application is that it enables you to view the EML files without exporting them to an Outlook account.

Also, this software supports the automatic searching of EML files and includes a built-in recursive subfolder feature. And the best thing about this solution is, the simple-to-use GUI that enables you to easily view EML Files and users can effortlessly operate in three steps: select, view, and save. To know some astonishing parts of this toolkit to open EML files without Outlook read the below section.

Additional Features of this Professional Tool

  1. This Software supports EML messages folder during .eml file conversion.
  2. It maintains output data throughout the conversion process and offers a file naming option.
  3. It allows converting all attachments of every single EML message.
  4. Provides you with 35+ file formats to change EML files into any file format.
  5. Selecting an EML file displays its full preview, including Metadata (From, To, Subject, etc. ), email properties, and any attached files.
  6. The attachment can be viewed in full by clicking on it. You may also save the list of EML files in HTML if you wish.
  7. Easy, Fast, Reliable, and robust solution for the user query of how to open EML file without Outlook application in Windows

Screenshots Below Demonstrate How to Open EML Files in Windows

  1. Firstly, upload EML files. The software helps you choose EML files from either files or folders.select folder EML converter wizard
  2. Secondly, Choose EML folders and click on the Next button.select EML folder in windows
  3. The Software gives you 35+ file formats select any.multiple saving option in windows
  4. Thirdly, It allows maintaining output data to save in a separate file naming option.file naming option for eml file in windows
  5. After choosing the selecting file format, click on the Next button.Change EML file format in window
  6. Then, conversion is completed successfully.EML conversion successfully in window
  7. After clicking on the ok button, the software will save in your destination location.result data save eml file in windows

Freeware Software to Open EML Files Without Outlook

You can easily open and read EML files and attachments with free EML viewer tool. This tool supports all types of .eml files created by any web browser and desktop-based email clients. With this software, you can open single or multiple EML files with complete ease.

  1. After downloading the software, click on Open Button to upload EML files.Run Software
  2. Select EML folders from the software panel.
  3. The tool shows all attachments, Choose an Email attachment to directly print and open the file location by right click.select email

Open EML File in Email Service

We suggest some tricks that are used to view and open EML files in Windows 10 and 11 in any email service. We will discuss how to do this in simple steps.

  1. EML files can get to the folder on your PC. Right-click the EML folder, choose access with, Windows Live Mail, select Mail, or other email users like Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.
  2. The EML document opens quickly with all message formatting with details.
  3. Attachments can be viewed and downloaded from the email platform.

Note: EML folders should be added directly to an open email client like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc. by dragging and dropping.

View EML File in Plain Text by Using NotePad

The simplest method to open EML files without outlook only displays the file’s body content, not the message’s formatting. Know how to view EML files in Windows 10 and 11 by following the steps first.

  1. Firstly, Right-click your EML file and choose Open with. Now, select Notepad from the opened list. Note: EML files can be opened in Microsoft Word or Text files.
  2. Now, It would open EML files in Notepad in a coding form.
  3. Then, Find the email body content within the body and HTML tags. a =ref tags for reference inks Using these links in your browser will allow you to preview the content.

Note: This method would display only the message’s body content and reference links; it would not be possible to open or view any attached files.

Open EML File in Browser (Changed Extension)

You can easily Open EML files in Web Browsers to change the .eml extension to .mht to view EML files. Internet Explorer, Firefox is the web browser that best supports MHTML files and displays a preview similar to an email client’s preview.,

Note: If any client has set the file extension to “hidden” or it is set by default, it must be enabled. Then you observe the “File name extensions” in Windows Explorer’s View tab. If needed, enable it.

Let us see how to work this process.

  1. Firstly, Move to your EML files folder. Right-click each file and choose Rename from the context menu.
  2. Secondly, Clear the .eml file extension and exchange with .mhtml.
  3. Thirdly, A pop-up window asking for an extension change. Activate your action.
  4. Way to open the modified MHTML file in Internet Explorer now that the file extension has changed.
  5. Finally, the EML file folder would be displayed look same way as MHTML.

Note: No attachments can be downloaded or viewed using this method.


In conclusion, the best way to open EML files without outlook in Windows is to use a professional tool with a simple layout that views EML files without Outlook quickly. Moreover, the software supports full EML display, metadata, including attachments, and so on. Above all, many, more characteristics are present in the Wizard, which is used to view EML files in Windows.



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