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How to Unlock Aadhaar Card PDF Password – Best Reliable Technique

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The Aadhaar or e-Aadhaar Card provided by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to a user, is in the password-protected PDF format. UIDAI gives you the facility to print the e-Aadhaar card online in a PDF file and save it on your PC. Whenever you open the e-Aadhar PDF, the password window prompts you, as we know that this is the most annoying thing that we have seen in e-Aadhaar cards. But the passwords protect our identification information.

But, when it comes to an organization and businesses, schools, and other workstations when we required e-Aadhaar cards for identification. We often face password protection that normal people don’t know how to remove Aadhaar card PDF passwords. But, there is no such big problem when we have an Aadhaar card password remover.

So, This article is focused on the topic of how to unlock Aadhaar card PDF password permanently. Once the password-protected Aadhaar PDF file is unlocked, no more password is required to open it.

Keeping the Aadhar card password protected is good for the cardholder’s information protection and security, but it becomes awkward to enter the password again and again to open the same document. However, sometimes users want to an Aadhar card password cracker to break the protection. Not only that, it’s difficult to remember lots of passwords for other documents as well; like secured financial PDFs, bank credit card statements, e-books, invoices, etc.
Instead of remembering multiple passwords for multiple documents, the user can remove Aadhaar PDF passwords and other document passwords as well. Once unlocked, keep all your documents in a secure location on your computer.

Let’s Understand this Issue from the User’s Point of View

User Query:  Hello! I am Natalia. I am looking for a solution through which I can unlock password-protected Aadhaar. Remembering the password is quite a bulky task and when it comes to Aadhaar cards that contain a DOB or first 4 capital name characters with a year of born password.

I used to face a lot of issues at the time of opening it multiple times. Please suggest a solution for getting rid of this Aadhaar card password protection. Looking for an Aadhaar card password remover Thanks in advance if you have any of the best tools.
Natalia, Switzerland

Unlock Password Protected Aadhaar PDF File Permanently – Quick Guide

Note: If you recently downloaded an e-Aadhaar card, then the password will be “Starting 4 letters of your name + DOB Year”.

Use the best method to Aadhaar Card Password Remover by SysKare enables you to unlock, remove, break, all types of passwords from PDF file whether its e-Aadhaar card, Bank Statement, or any other PDF file.

Unlock Aadhar PDF Password using SysKare PDF Remover

SysKare is one of the best solutions to resolve the user query of how to unlock Aadhaar card PDF password with a single click. Follow the below steps to unlock:

1. Download & Install SysKare Aadhaar Card PDF Unlocker on your computer (available for both Mac & Win OS).

Download Aadhaar card password remover

2. To unlock the password-protected Aadhar PDF password click on the Unlock button and select the secured PDF file.

unlock password protected aadhaar pdf

3. Now, users can browse destinations to save PDF files.

browse destination

4. Password window will prompt, enter the password to remove it permanently from an e-Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card password remover

5. Next you can see all kinds of restrictions applied. Now, click on the ‘Unlock PDF’ button. The software will remove all kind of password restrictions from protected Aadhaar PDF files.

Unlock Aadhaar Card PDF Password process completed

6. Visit the location where the new unlocked e-Aadhaar card PDF file was saved. Open it. Now, no “Enter Password” window will prompt.

Aadhaar, as the name suggests, is expected to be a single identity document for every single Indian. To make the process easier, the government lets you access Aadhaar electronically through the UIDAI website (which can be accessed from anywhere). After downloading it, you can easily unlock the e-Aadhaar card PDF password by using the above method.

How to Unlock New Aadhar Card PDF File Password – FAQs

Q1: I don’t know the password of the e-Aadhaar Card PDF file, how to unlock it?

A: There’s no need to be concerned; you can easily unlock Aadhaar card PDF password by entering the combination of the first four letters of the name on the Aadhar card (in CAPITAL letters) and the year of DOB (in YYYY) .i.e. ‘DEBA’ from the name DEBASMITA + ‘19**’ from DOB (DEBA19**).

Q2: Why one might use 3rd party utility to unlock a password-protected Aadhaar pdf file?

A: The Aadhaar card password remover tool is programmed to unlock and remove all kinds of restrictions from password-protected Aadhaar card PDF files without affecting the original format in less than a second. It also allows users to unlock, print, edit, copy, and extract text restrictions from other secured PDFs.

Q3: Is the method discussed in this article will unlock only the Aadhaar card PDF passwords?

A: No, the above-discussed methods can unlock any kind of password-protected PDF file, including e-Aadhar cards. Like credit card statements, bank transaction statements, password-protected invoices, and many more Portable Document Format File.

Final Words

This post explains the solution regarding Unlock Aadhaar card pdf password by using the best Aadhar card password remover in brief. Still, there are many users who were facing issues in the process of removing passwords from Aadhaar PDF file. The Aadhaar card password remover solution mention in this post will be helpful for both technical as well as non-technical users. Therefore, just follow the steps mentioned above for a smooth procedure.

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