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How to Unlock VBA Project Password from Visio File? Solved

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Are you also, one of them who wants to unlock VBA project password from Visio file .vsdm, .vssx, .vssm, .vxtx, and .vstm? If yes, then here you will get the complete and correct knowledge to remove VBA macro password from Visio format.

I am assuming that you are a non-technical person, and I will teach you step-by-step instructions and information here. So first, let’s have a look at what the VBA macro-Visio format is, and then we’ll go over how to unlock a VBA project password Visio file.

About the VBA Macro-Visio File

A Visio diagram contains a VBA (Visual Basic Application) project, which is a subset of the diagram. User-defined functions or subprocedures may be created and then called from a module, allowing users to refer to them in the computations. It contains macros as*.vsdm, *.vssx, *.vssm, *.vxtx, *.vstm file formats of Visio file.

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Why do Users Want to Unlock VBA Project Password Visio File?

“Hello everyone. I am a doctoral student, and I am now studying Microsoft Visio as part of my coursework. My instructor assigned me a task last week, which was to develop a VBA code for a Visio file. So, I collected a VBA code from the internet. The file, on the other hand, is password-protected. As a result, I’d want to have the code removed from the Visio VBA project file. Please advise on the best method.”

“Hey there, A few days ago, a web developer from our company completed a project that was really significant to the organization. However, the difficulty is that he just left his position. And we are in urgent need of that project. However, the difficulty is that the project’s code is password-protected, and we do not know what the password is. Please advise on the most effective method of removing the VBA project password from the Visio file.”

The Quickest Solution to Unlock Password VBA Project Visio 2016

A password remover for VBA projects, the Syskare VBA Project Password Remover is one of the most effective and complex applications available for removing passwords from VBA macro-Visio files. The software is compatible with all Visio file formats, including .vsdm, .vssx, .vssm, .vxtx, and VSAM files. The software has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for all users. The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and all previous versions. It offers more outstanding and advanced functions to unlock the VBA project passwords from the Visio files than any other application on the market.

Advance Features of the Software

  • The software supports all the Visio file formats including *.vssx, *.vssm, *.vxtx, *.vstm, and other macro Visio file formats.
  • This software unlocks the Visio macro files in just a few seconds without any restrictions.
  • Users can easily unlock multiple Visio files at one time without any file size restrictions.
  • The software of all types of VBA macro projects damaged and corrupted files.
  • The software creates with a high level of algorithms, which makes the tool different from other brands’ software, also the tool can preview all the data of the Visio macro-VBA project file before the conversion.

Steps to Unlock VBA Project Password Visio File

  1. Install the software by clicking on the “Download” icon.

    Install the software to Unlock VBA Project Password Visio File

  2. Now upload the Visio files (.vsdm, .vssx, .vssm, .vxtx, .vstm files) with the given options.

    upload the Visio files

  3. Next, select the files and folders and hit the “Next” icon.

    select the files and folders

  4. After that, browse the saving location to save the unlocked file.

    browse the saving location

  5. Lastly, press the “Remove” icon to unlock the VBA project password from the Visio file.

    press the “Remove” icon to unlock the VBA project password from the Visio file

Important Note: The software has a free demo version, which only detects the password and users can see how does the software works. But to remove the complete password, you must have to purchase the licensed version.

Time to Say Goodbye

In the preceding section, we demonstrate how to unlock VBA project password from Visio file without any difficulty. The removal of the password from a Visio macro-VBA file is not possible by manual methods. So, we chose the most efficient and straightforward option, which has incredible features and capabilities. Additionally, the software has a free edition that allows users to experiment with the software to get a feel for how it works before purchasing the full version.

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