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How to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird? Step by Step Guide

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Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird: Today, users have a broad variety of mail systems. You may handle e-correspondence utilizing commercial or free services. Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird do not need a membership.

The easiest way to safeguard your Gmail data from cybercriminals and prevent loss of data is to export your emails from Gmail and import them into another email platform.

Many people finally opt to Save Gmail Emails to computer. What is the safest method to accomplish this? Follow our tutorial to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird fast and simply.

Reasons to Import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

  • Because of the ease with which files may be stored on a user’s system, users can retrieve the data whenever it is required.
  • The interference from an outside source, and deleting email messages is not an option inside Thunderbird.
  • In addition to this, its data files have to be made accessible to several users at the same time if this is necessary.

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How to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird Manually?

Important Note: After the changes in the Google Less Secure Apps service, many users are facing authentication errors while configuring Gmail accounts with another third-party tool. To avoid these kinds of errors, first, follow the steps that are mentioned below:


  1. Open the Thunderbird email client on your machine.
  2. And then, hit the “ALT” icon on the keyboard and choose “Account Settings” from the drop-down to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird.

    Account Settings

  3. After that, press the “Account Actions” option from the screen, and then, choose the “Add Mail Account” choice from the drop-down.

    Account Actions

  4. Now enter the email address and generated app password and hit the “Continue” icon.

    email address

  5. After that, put the server details as per your requirement.

    server details

  6. Lastly, hit the “Finish” icon and both accounts will configure successfully.

    configure successfully

Now you will get the complete data of the Gmail account in the Thunderbird email client. But manual methods have some limitations as always.

  • The Thunderbird email client must be installed on your computer.
  • Sometimes authentication errors will display in Thunderbird.
  • No advance filter is available to export specific data.

Direct Solution to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

Syskare Gmail Email Backup Software is one of the best and quickest solutions to import mail from Gmail to Thunderbird. the software is very famous in the market because of its high level of advanced features and capabilities. The software has a simple and easy-to-use interface for all technical and non-technical users. Also, all email attributes are preserved including Bcc, Cc, To, From, Formatting, and other data. Users can download and install the software on any Windows version including the latest Windows 11.

Users can export Gmail emails from multiple email addresses at one time without any restrictions. Also, it exports complete data of Gmail accounts including emails with attachments. Complete steps are mentioned below:

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Step 1: Transfer Gmail to Thunderbird

First users must enable IMAP access and generate an APP password, all steps are mentioned in manual methods.

  1. First, download the software using the download button to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird.

    download tool to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird

  2. Now enter the Gmail email address and the generated app password.

    enter the Gmail details

  3. Next, if you want to export data from multiple email addresses then check the “Use Batch Mode” icon and enter the email addresses and the passwords.

    multiple email addresses

  4. And if you are using a proxy server then enable the “Use Proxy” option and enter the details and hit the “Login” icon.

    Use Proxy

  5. Now all the folders and subfolders will show and select the required data to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird.

    required data

  6. Next, hit the “Select Saving Option” and choose “Thunderbird” from the drop-down.

    Thunderbird to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird

  7. After that, browse the saving location as per your need.
  8. Lastly, hit the “Backup” icon to start the process of exporting Gmail emails to Thunderbird.

Now you will get the Gmail data at the selected location as a Thunderbird file (without extension). And we will import this file into Thunderbird manually.

Step 2: Import Exported Data into the Thunderbird Email Client

Preparations: If the “ImportExportNG Tools” extension is not added in Thunderbird then follow the first 2 steps:

  1. In Thunderbird click on the “ALT” and choose the “Add-ons & Themes” options.
  2. And now search “ImportExportTools NG” in the search box and hit the “add to Thunderbird”.
  3. Now restart the Thunderbird once again to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird.
  4. And the, click “ALT” button and choose “Tools” >> “ImportExportTools NG” >> “Import MBOX File” options.


  5. Now choose “Import Directly One or More MBOX Files” and hit the “OK” button.

    Import Directly One or More MBOX Files

  6. And browse the location of the converted MBOX file and hit the “Open” icon to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird.

    browse the location

Time to Say Goodbye

These days, the vast majority of people choose to send and receive email using desktop apps such as Thunderbird. to prevent any harm from coming to their essential data and to maintain it safe at all times.

So, reading the aforementioned post will assist in resolving this problem of how to export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. Because of this, using a third-party application is the most effective way to store emails from Gmail to your computer and shield them from any potential threats.

With any other case, consumers have the option of making use of a professional service known as Syskare Gmail Backup, which assists in the conversion of all emails from Gmail to Thunderbird.

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