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How to Export Gmail to Text Format? – Step-by-Step Guide

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Some Gmail users may need to save a secondary backup copy of their most important emails. So they want to export Gmail to a text file. However, there is no built-in option in Gmail to export selected emails as text (TXT) files or any other file type.

Gmail is a versatile application in the modern era. Everyone uses Gmail for personal and business purposes to send and receive email. But at any point of time, Gmail may show you a message that the free space given to you has been filled. Then how will you receive the email? Think about it?

The best alternative is to export emails from Gmail to text. If you have a few emails, you can do it manually. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the easiest way as well as a manual way to convert Gmail email to .txt format.

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Manual Method to Export Gmail to Text

One of the easiest methods to export emails to TXT format is to just copy and paste them. This is a fast and easy solution to store emails as text documents.

  1. Firstly, open the Gmail message.
  2. Select all text with the cursor or press CTRL + C to copy text.
  3. Open the Notepad and press CTRL + V to paste it.
  4. Click on the File tab and choose the Save as option.
  5. Lastly, hit the Save button to export Gmail messages to .txt format.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  1. This method is helpful if you have a lot of time, so you can do it one by one.
  2. If you have 100+ emails, you can’t do it manually. You might be pulling your hair out during the process.
  3. This process will not support attachments or images.

A Simple Solution to Save Gmail Messages to Text File

We mention the above manual method but this process will come with many limitations. So, download Syskare Gmail Email Backup tool is the perfect solution to export messages from Gmail to text format. With this tool, you can save emails in PDF format without any restrictions.

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Steps to Export Gmail to Plain Text format

  1. First of all, download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Secondly, enter your Gmail account credentials (Username & password) and hit the Login button. (Use Google app password rather than regular password. If you don’t know how to create app password then next section will give you complete steps to generate Google app password.)

    enter Gmail account credentials

  3. Choose Gmail folder that you want to save into text format.

    select Gmail folder to text format

  4. In saving option, choose RTF option to export Gmail emails.

    export Gmail to Text choose RTF option

  5. Now, you can choose the destination location by clicking the “change” button.
  6. Also, click on the “Filter options” to export selective Gmail data.

    choose filter option

How to Generate Google App Password?

As you all are aware that Google less secure app is going away on 30th may 2022. Google announced that Google less secure app in no more due to security reasons. If you configure Gmail account with other email client then you need to enable IMAP setting and also generate App password.
additional setting

Prime Features of the Tool

  • User friendly interface that can be easily used by all the novice as well as technical persons.
  • Use Advance Filter option to export selective Gmail emails to .txt format according to the requirements.
  • Compatible with all version of Windows OS and Mac OS.
  • It is capable to preserve all the email Meta data, email components, and internal folder structure of all the mailboxes during the exporting process.
  • This tool is totally safe and secure and never saves your personal data. It will never save a user’s email account credentials in the software panel.


In this article, we have explained the dual method of exporting Gmail to a Text file. If you want to save your time and effort, then try the expert-recommended solution, Gmail to Text Converter. This tool exports your data in just a few minutes without changing your email formatting. You can try this free trial version to understand the process.

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