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How to Save Multiple Emails in a PDF Format from Gmail?

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Gmail is a popular email service used by billions of users worldwide. It’s a free email service. Most of the users used Gmail because of the user-friendly structure, understood format, ease to compose emails. They use it to communicate via email, save data to the cloud, and share documents with groups. Gmail does not have a built-in feature to convert emails to PDF with attachments. This article will show you how to save Gmail emails as a PDF. We’ll show you how to save a single email and how to save multiple emails as PDF files. So, choose the best method for your problem.

User’s Query

I am working in a company and I created an official Gmail account for a long time. So, I have a lot of Gmail emails in my official account. Now, I need to save all emails as a backup in PDF format. Please let me know how to save all emails as a backup in PDF file format.

Why do users choose PDF to save all Emails with attachments?

Many reasons to save Emails in a PDF format with attachments. Some solutions can also convert Gmail emails to PDF.

  • PDF is easily accessible on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • It helps to save your data in one place.
  • You can secure your file with a password.
  • Easily shared with others.
  • It allows you to print your emails if you want.

Here are Two Methods

First Method: Convert Gmail Emails to PDF with an Automatic Solution

Use Syskare Gmail Emails Backup Software, with this Tool you can save multiple emails and attachments in PDF file format in a single file. It gives you an advance filter option to export emails from a specific folder to PDF format.

Follow these steps to download the Software:

  1. Firstly, run and download the Software.

    Download Now

  2. Secondly, open the Gmail Email Migration tool in your system.

    entre email account credentials

  3. Select the advance option for backup multiple Gmail account at once.

    restart windows 10

  4. Enter log-in details (Email Address & Password).

    entre details

  5. Then, select the email folder from the list.

    select emails folder

  6. The Software give you filter options to manage your file (Data range, from, to, subject).

    filter option to save your pdf file

  7. click on Use selective export setting for email folders option.

    select export option to convedrt emails to pdf

  8. Choose PDF file format from the drop-down.

    select pdf format to convert emails to pdf

  9. Select File naming option and destination path.

    select file name option

  10. Finally, the Backup process is complete within few minutes.

    gmail emails to pdf backup complete

Second Method: Save Emails from Gmail as a PDF format Manually

The second free option is to download Gmail Emails in PDF files format. If you go with the manual way, you can save only 10-20 emails in a PDF format. If you need more emails to save only one option is to purchase software or add-ons. Follow these manual steps to save emails with attachments:

  1. Firstly, log in to your Gmail Account.

    log in Gmail account

  2. Secondly, open each email one by one, and see 3 dots at the top right side.

    3 vertical dots

  3. Then, press the print option that email to convert PDF format.

    print option email to pdf

  4. Press on the “change” tab from the destination section.

    click change option to convert gmail emails to pdf

  5. After that, select the Save as PDF option from the drop-down.

    click save pdf option

  6. Click the save button to export emails from Gmail to PDF.

    click save button

  7. Finally, a select location where you want to save a file PDF file.

    select path to convert gmail to pdf file

Limitations of Manual Methods

This way only capable of small numbers of emails to save as a PDF format or individual emails at the same time. This way is not capable to save a large number of Emails files in PDF format.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we discuss several methods to download Gmail emails to PDF file format. User choose any approach as per your need, but there are some limitations with the manual method, also we mention above. If you don’t want to lose your data and time you go with an automatic solution. You can easily save Gmail emails to PDF file format with attachments.

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